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Personal Cyber Protection

Send Money Protect is a personal cyber insurance product that secures your GCash Express Send money transfers to another GCash Account for up to PHP 15,000.00 in total, should you become a victim of

  1. Social Engineering

  2. Account Takeover, or

  3. Online Shopping Fraud.
insurance benefits

You can avail only one (1) insurance cover every 30 calendar days. Upon expiration of your active policy, you will be shown the Send Money Protect enrolment offer the next time you make a Send Money transaction in the GCash app.

As this is a personal cyber insurance product, you can only enroll to Send Money Protect for yourself.

  • Any GCash Express Send money transfer from a Business Account or any business-related transaction; or
  • Any loss arising directly or indirectly from, or in connection with, your employment such as any corporate-related transactions.
  • Any advance fee fraud where you are promised goods, services and/or financial gains, in return for an upfront payment including payment by GCash Express Send money transfer.
  • Any transaction(s) not made by you that requires an OTP to proceed.
  • Any incident prior to the start date of your insurance cover or after cancellation.
  • Any loss resulting from gambling, lottery, contest, promotional game, or other games of chance.
  • Losses which are recoverable from GCash;
  • A potential Enterprise-wide cyber-attack on GCash;
  • Any loss resulting from illegal activity you have engaged in whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Yes, you can cancel your policy. However, we strongly suggest you keep the insurance cover. Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and it’s good to have peace of mind for your GCash account.

If you cancel your policy within 7 days after enrolling to Send Money Protect, we will refund the premium paid to your GCash account.

To cancel your policy, please file a GCash Help Center ticket. For questions about your policy, filing of claims or status of claims filed, please contact Chubb at +63277565410, Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm, excluding public holidays.

  • Under the Account Take Over benefit, this policy does NOT cover:
    • Unauthorized transactions made on your GCash account resulting from loss or theft of your Electronic Device(s) connected to your GCash Account.
    • Unauthorized transactions made on your GCash Account more than two (2) weeks prior to your first reporting of the incident to the relevant authorities.
    • Charges incurred by a relative or a member of your family, or by a person you authorized to use your GCash Account.
  • Under the Online Shopping Fraud benefit, this policy does NOT cover:
    • Any goods or services purchased from a natural person through a private transaction.
    • Any Online purchases where cryptocurrency such as bitcoins, vouchers or reward points is the form of payment.

You will receive a COC (Confirmation of Cover) via your registered email address from our insurance partner, Chubb, within 24-48 hours after successful enrolment to Send Money Protect.

Contact Chubb at +63277565410, Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm, excluding public holidays.

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contact us

Fast and Easy Claim Process

Visit the “My GInsure” tab in your GCash app, select your Send Money Protect policy which will lead you to “MyPolicies”. Select “Submit a claim” under the “Quick Actions” tab, and follow the instruction prompts to completion.

Alternatively, you may file your claim real-time at