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If you are a GCash user, GInsure Bill Protect makes it sensible and easy for you to get insured while conveniently paying your bills via the GCash app. Bill Protect allows you to breathe a little easier knowing you are covered against accidents which could lead to the inability to earn and settle your bills and other payment obligations.

You can enroll to Bill Protect in-app for less than 1% of your current bill amount being paid via GCash. In the event of an accident, you can claim a lump sum benefit amount equivalent to 36 times of the bill being paid, up to a maximum amount of PHP 1.8M per month regardless of the number of enrolled transactions.

Coverage Highlights


Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement Benefit

Covers the Insured against accidental death and permanent disablement which renders the Insured unable to earn and settle his payment obligations. The Group Policy pays out a lump sum benefit which covers up to thirty-six months (three years) of the GCash bill payment amount at time of enrolment.


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