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Our Partner:An Online Travel Agent (OTA)

Business Challenge:Both Chubb and the OTA were keen to increase the premiums collected for the travel insurance product.

Our Solution:Used Price Testing to change the prices and monitor the results to reach optimal volume/margin trade off.

Increased premium per policy by 155%.


Our Partner: One of the top three credit card companies.

Business Challenge:To identify any untapped customer segments.

Our Solution:Applied Customer Analytics to identify those aged between 35-39, created a relevant insurance product and used Telemarketing as the sales channel.

Results:The response rate doubled and the Partner extended the pilot for two years.


Our Partner: A global credit card leader

Business Challenge: The credit card leader wanted to reduce marketing cost and deploy new sales conversion tactics.

Our Solution:Chubb’s full-fledged Digital team transformed into the Partner’s marketing agency. Designed an acquisition strategy including content marketing, purchase path optimisation and retargeting.

Results:The Partner achieved 56% reduction in marketing cost, with cost per acquired policy 65% lower than before.


Our Partner: A leading telecommunications company

Business Challenge: The Partner aspired to enhance the customer experience for their subscribers.

Our Solution:To enable subscribers to receive faster service for handset repair by signing up directly to Chubb’s individual mobile phone insurance policy.

Chubb conducted more than 30 solicitation license training sessions for 6,000+ telco salespersons so that they could sell insurance products at the telco’s branches.

Results:The telco will benefit from ancillary income arising out of the one million new policyholders expected annually.

Banks and the Digital Wallet Race: The Embedded Insurance Strategy

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