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Chubb Marine Services Liability package (MSL) provides a comprehensive insurance solution for businesses involved in both marine and non-marine based activities. This makes it an effective risk transfer solution for marina operators and contractors that will bridge the gap between General Liability cover and Ship Repairers cover required for standard clauses.

Coverage Highlights

  • Comprehensive General Liability coverage, including product liability and completed operations for marine risks
  • Access to Chubb Marine and General Liability Risk Engineering services
  • MSL policy wording can be applied to various types of marine service providers
  • We can offer tailored liability solutions for businesses


  • Liability for third-party bodily injury
  • Liability for damage to property including a vessel and vessel parts
  • Damage includes the full value of the vessel or vessel parts under repair or maintenance
  • Machinery or equipment removed ashore and property damage to cargo on or discharged from vessels
  • Indemnity for removal of wreck expenses that occur as a result of property damage to a vessel
  • Coverage for consequential loss and legal defence costs
  • Coverage for Testing and Commissioning – sea trials within 100 km

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