Developed specifically for multinational risk managers, Worldview is a remarkable web-based desktop portal that gives you access to our systems and expertise in one easy-to-use application. It's unique in the industry and it's exclusive for our clients and brokers.

Real time monitoring of your global insurance status:

Worldview SM allows you to monitor the status of your entire global programme in real time from an intuitive, easy-to-navigate home screen. You can see programme status updates on a daily basis, and get copies of local policies and certificates. You can also access our Insurance Directory, the proprietary research tool our underwriters, account managers and legal staff use every day.

There are numerous other features as well, including programme contacts, multinational standards, policy issuance and claims alerts, and more.

Country-by-country compliance:

Our experienced professionals around the globe start by understanding your specific business and the issues you face. We partner with you and your broker to structure the most appropriate insurance programme for your situation.

In today's ever-changing regulatory climate, it's important to work with an insurer who understands local rules and customs. With our indigenous expertise, for example, we can analyse and confirm risk premium allocations or structure effective DIC/DIL coverage that respects local rules and regulations—elements that are of critical importance for any global, multinational programme.

Because we understand your specific business issues, our team can provide solutions in countries where non-admitted policies are prohibited. Our owned companies and network partners allow us to offer policies that meet the requirements of your subsidiaries and interests around the world, while keeping abreast of the evolving regulatory environment.