Evolve has been developed to meet the needs of companies that are setting up international operations for the first time, or who already have cross-border operations. These companies can find it time consuming and challenging to find the right insurance cover for each different operation because of the risks faced, local regulations and requirements, differing tax regimes. Evolve seeks to make the purchasing process quicker, more efficient and less onerous.

Product Highlights:

  • Help with putting together an insurance programme covering both indigenous and foreign operations
  • Assistance with meeting the necessary regulations and obligations effectively and efficiently
  • Direct access to knowledgeable underwriters who have the necessary expertise to put the programme together
  • High levels of underwriting authority locally
  • Insurance from one of the most financially robust, global insurance companies
  • Flexible combined insurance programme for multinational exposures
  • Efficient movement of premium across national borders - clients can track their own policy issuance, premium movement and claims using the Multinational Account eXchange (MAX) technology


  • Evolve features a broad policy wording which recognizes the needs of multinational companies.