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Despite taking every care, implementing standards and carrying out checks, mistakes can be made wherever people work.

We are always your first point of call whenever you are not happy with something, no matter what. We shall do everything to remedy mistakes. Please write to us at:

Please specify precisely in your complaint what you are dissatisfied with and what you expect from us. Please quote your policy number and where appropriate your claim number. Let us know if you wish to be called or prefer an answer by classic post or E-Mail.

If you still wish to obtain external advice you have the option of calling on the services, at no cost to you, of the Austrian Insurance Association or the EU Commission.

Beschwerdestelle über Versicherungsunternehmen im BMASGK

Beschwerdestelle über Versicherungsunternehmen im
Bundesministerium für Arbeit, Soziales, Gesundheit
und Konsumentenschutz, Abteilung III/3

Stubenring 1, 1010 Wien


Verband der Versicherungsunternehmen Österreichs (VVO)
Anfragen und Beschwerden
Fr. Mag. Irene Schwarzinger
Schwarzenbergplatz 7, 1030 Wien E-Mail:

Online-Streitbeilegung der EU-Kommission
Streitschlichtung für Verbraucher bei Problemen mit Online-Käufen auf einer von der EU-Kommission betriebenen Online-Plattform

Even if you call the services of the Austrian Insurance Association or EU Committee you can hire a lawyer later, if necessary.

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