8 ways to help ensure safe travels

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Whether you travel for business or pleasure, here are a few tips to keep yourself and your family safe.


  1. Keep your documents to yourself

    Keep your important documents on your person at all times while traveling. Scan your passport, driver’s license, visa, and itinerary before you go, store them in a secure location, and leave a copy with a friend or family member.

  2. Rent a car only if you’re familiar with the area

    Otherwise, use only registered taxis. Understand your car insurance policy and the country’s requirements.

  3. Minimize your exposure to crowds

    It is wise to minimize the amount of time you spend in lines, public shops, and crowded areas like tourist attractions and public transportation.


  1. Leave your valuables at home

    You probably don’t need your fine jewellery and watches with you when you’re traveling. It may be better to leave them at home, so you don’t risk losing them or becoming a target for criminals.

  2. Wait to post photos or updates on social media

    Posting updates while you’re traveling will just alert criminals back home that you’re not around (and your home may be easier to access). Keep those photos and other posts for when you get home.

  3. Stay in smaller, boutique hotels instead of large ones

    Large marquee hotels can be more conspicuous. Trying to blend in is your best bet, and smaller establishments will allow you to do that better. Also, make sure you don’t discuss your plans with hotel staff or other guests you don’t know.

  4. Use ATMs in secure locations only

    Be sure to call your credit card providers before you go, to make sure you can use your cards when you travel. And, plan ahead so you know how much money you’ll need – so you don’t end up taking too much.


  1. Make sure you have the insurance you need

    You may need anything from car insurance and personal liability, in case you get in an accident when driving a rental car, to identity theft resolution services, if you misplace your passport or credit card. Regardless, it is wise to go over your insurance coverage with your agent before you travel, to make sure you’re fully protected if something happens.


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