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The answers provided on this page are for your information only. They’re subject in all respects to the specific terms and conditions of the actual insurance policy.

How can I submit a claim?

Please visit “Notifying a Claim” which details the different ways you can notify Chubb of a new claim.

When reporting a claim, what information do I need?

When reporting a claim, it's helpful if you have the following (as applicable to your claim):

  • A completed Claim Form which you can access at “Notifying a Claim”
  • Your policy number
  • The date the loss occurred
  • The address of the loss location
  • A brief description of the loss
  • The contact information for any other parties involved, including any contractors and experts
  • Accident report with photographs of damaged property;
  • Items and costs of loss or damage with relevant documentation, e.g. purchase receipts, warranties or instruction booklet indicating the brand and model of the damaged product;
  • Copy of police report obtained from the police precinct in which the incident occurred;
  • Copy of the insured’s claim for damages against a third party.

Note: The above claims guidelines are only an initial, general guide for the insured and the company. Our claims process will depend on the terms of coverage of each specific policy effective at the time of the incident. We may also request further information and/or other relevant documents in addition to the items mentioned above, as necessary and in support of consideration of the claim.

How soon should a claim be notified?

Some policies may state a specific period to notify of a claim. You are advised to study your policy for the terms and conditions.

What supporting documents does Chubb require for claim consideration?

We require different documentation depending on the type of products. For further details, please refer to “Notifying a Claim”

How can I know that Chubb received my claim submission? 

Chubb will acknowledge receipt of all newly reported losses within five working days. Along with this acknowledgment, we will advise you of the name and telephone/extension number of the person handling the claim. Where necessary, we will also ask for any missing claims documentation.

Will a surveyor or loss adjuster be appointed to assess my claim?

Where full, detailed surveying of damage is required, we may either undertake the surveying ourselves or assign a surveyor/loss assessor to call the insured and arrange a damage survey at a time and date of the insured’s convenience.

How long does Chubb take to make a claim payment?

Every claim is unique, and the length of the claim process depends on a number of factors, including receipt of any documentation required to adjust your claim, whether or not an inspection is needed to fully assess your damages, and whether any coverage questions exist and require additional investigation. In all scenarios, our goal is to provide you with prompt, efficient and accurate claim handling. Once an agreed settlement is reached, we make every effort to issue your claim payment within 72 hours.

Why does Chubb need to request medical records for Accident and Health claims?

If the Policyholder has held a personal accident Policy with us for less than one year and was treated in hospital for any chronic disease/illness (e.g., hypertension, heart disease, tumour, gallstones, etc.), we need to check whether the Policyholder had been treated for that chronic disease before the Policy's effective date, since pre-existing conditions are excluded under the Policy.

In the event that the Insured‘s medical expenses have been partially reimbursed by another insurance program, how can the Insured claim the balance from Chubb?

The Policyholder must ask the other company or companies to certify the amount being paid towards the medical receipts, together with their stamp, and then send the certified medical receipt to Chubb for further consideration.

In the event of a death claim, if the Policy-holder has more than one Policy, will the beneficiary get the indemnity from every Policy?

If the cause of death is covered under the Policies, the beneficiary is entitled to the claim payments from every Policy.

What is Chubb's method of claim payment?

A bank transfer will be made to the bank account provided by the Insured.

Do I get my deductible back I was not at fault for the damage to my property?

If other parties are responsible for the damage to your property, our Recovery Department will work on your behalf to recover your deductible from the responsible party and reimburse it to you. This process is known as subrogation. If we successfully recover any monies, your deductible will be refunded in part or in whole based upon the recovered amount and/or local laws. 

Does Chubb provide a guarantee to hospitals for the payment of medical expenses incurred by your policyholders?

All policyholders are required to settle the hospitalization bill upon discharge and to submit the original invoices/bills to Chubb for reimbursement.

How fast does Chubb settle a claim for Accident and Health policies?

Our benchmark is to issue payment within 5 working days upon receipt of full documentation.

How is a death benefit paid under a PA insurance policy?

The death benefit is paid to the beneficiary nominated by the policy owner. In the case where no beneficiary is nominated, the death benefit will be paid to the legal representative of the deceased’s estate.

Does your company pay for the cost of the medical report?

No. It is for the claimant to prove his claim with reasonable evidence and at his or her own expense.

Under what circumstances can I claim for hospital income?

Provided the reason for your hospitalization is one covered by the policy, a hospital income claim is only paid if the Insured Person is hospitalized for at least 24 hours as an inpatient in a licensed hospital.