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The Chubb Elite POSI product is designed to provide the directors and officers, management, the company and the selling shareholders with protection against the potential exposures associated with the offering prospectus and/or roadshow relating to the initial or secondary public offering of securities in any stock exchange or any other placement.

Coverage Highlights

  • Covered person: Any past, current and future director, officer, management and company secretary of the company and of all its subsidiaries, the company itself and/or the company shareholders.
  • Covered act: Any actual or alleged breach of trust, error, omission, misstatement, misleading statement, neglect or breach of duty, or any other matter claimed against a director, officer, management or company secretary whilst acting in such capacity in relation to the offering.
  • Covered loss: Legal and professional expenses incurred in defending the litigation or regulatory investigation and the damages awarded by a court or any settlement entered.

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