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Chubb Commercial Crime Insurance (Elite FraudProtector) covers your business against a wide range of exposures, and manages losses in the event of a criminal incident.

Coverage Highlights

  • Ability to report a claim and receive crisis management advice through an incident response line
  • Receive an additional limit to help cover the costs of retaining incident response advice, including the costs of initiating necessary actions to recover financial loss
  • A loss payee clause which allows for a loss to be paid to third parties where contractually required and where the third party has an insurable interest
  • Our difference in conditions clause allows insureds to elect to have losses adjusted according to the terms of their previous crime policy for the first 12 months of cover.


Internal crime: Direct financial loss as a result of fraud or dishonesty by employees stealing money, securities or property from the company.

External crime:

  • Third party computer crime
  • Third party forgery
  • Third party counterfeit
  • Third party fraudulent alteration
  • Third party theft

Contact Us

Gena Jalink

Head of Financial Lines

T. +27 (0) 11 722 5742