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Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, leading to costly compensation payments. That’s why we protect employees of companies and organisations with extensive insurance coverage and liability insurance protection against accidental death or injury.

Investing in policies that support employee retention has become essential as companies recognise the high cost of rehiring and training. Providing your employees with a health and personal accident insurance establishes a strong safety net and helps demonstrate your commitment to your Duty of Care obligations and investment in the general well-being of your employees. 

Our Group Personal Accident policy is an innovative employee benefits product that combines our current market benefits with a highly acclaimed claims service platform for companies and organisations of all sizes.

Coverage Highlights

Innovations made to our Group Personal Accident Plan

  • Portfolio segmentation
    • Understanding our business allows us to be flexible and design practical and cost-effective protection for your employees
  • Covers for wider scope under natural catastrophe
    • Covering 8 additional events – Cyclone, Flood, Landslide, Tornado, Volcanic eruption, Windstorm, Hailstorm and Wildfire
  • Claims
    • With Chubb Claims Centre, you can submit your claims online anytime, anywhere and using any electronic device 


  • Employers can select from one of the broadest and most flexible range of benefits available at highly competitive rates:
    • Accidental death benefit
    • Permanent disability
    • Medical expenses due to an accident
    • Funeral expenses

Classification of occupations

  • Class I

    Clerical, administrative or other similar non-hazardous occupations

  • Class II

    Occupations where some degree of risk is involved e.g. supervision of manual workers, totally administrative job in an industrial environment

  • Class III

    Occupations involving regular, light to medium manual work but no substantial hazard which may increase the risk of sickness or accident

  • Class IV

    High-risk occupations involving heavy manual work, including hot works

For other occupations, applications will be considered based on details received.

Claim Insights

Claims Arising from Accidents in 2020

All eyes were on COVID-19 since the World Health Organization declared it a pandemic on 11 March 2020. While the virus took centre stage in 2020, we need to keep other risks such as accidents and natural disasters on the radar as they are still endangering lives. Chubb continued to receive claims filed for accidental death, temporary and permanent disability, income replacement and personal injury in 2020. 

These coverages are typical benefits of personal accident insurance purchased by:

  1. An employer for their employees
2. A shared economy platform for their partners
  3. Individuals for themselves and/or their families 

Click here to view some claims paid out by Chubb for personal accident insurance in 2020:

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