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When in Kuala Lumpur: Places you should never miss

city view of Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur (KL) is one of the most developed cities in Southeast Asia. Known for its eclectic mix of economic and cultural development, this city has served as Malaysia’s pride to the world. KL, as it is commonly referred to, has also become a tourist destination with an average of 9 million foreign visitors each year.

But where exactly should you go when in KL? Whether it’s your first time to visit the city, or if you’ve been here before but have not exactly explored its wonders yet, here’s a quick list of places to check out while you’re there:


Little India

Little India is known for being the hub of the city’s Indian community. Since the country has a significant Indian population, this is the best place to get to know their culture.

A lot of Hindu practices can be experienced in Little India, and among these is the Deepavali Festival or Festival of Lights. It is perhaps the liveliest event in KL, as it consists of various traditional Hindu celebrations, live music, fireworks display and bazaars. Meanwhile, during regular days, you can shop for authentic Indian clothing or chow down on some authentic Indian snacks when you are at this landmark.

Menara KL

One reason Kuala Lumpur is famous for is its skyscrapers. You don’t have to go to New York in order to be mesmerised with the towering buildings since you’ll feel the exact same thing when you are in KL.

When chasing skyscrapers, you should definitely check out Menara KL, which stands at 421 meters high. The tallest telecommunication tower in Southeast Asia, this building is used primarily for broadcasting and communication activities, but is likewise open to tourists who are not afraid of heights.

For a fee, you can go up to the tower’s observation deck to get a 360-degree view of the whole KL. There are also souvenir shops present at the deck, and above the deck is a rotating restaurant that offers high class dining.

At the base of Menara KL are other attractions worth checking out, such as the Malay Village, the Formula 1 shop and the Blue Coral Aquarium.


Merdeka Square

Night time strolls are popular in KL. If you are planning to explore the city at night, then Merdeka Square is a good choice. A famous historical park in KL, the Merdeka Square is the site of the first ever flag raising ceremony of the Malayan flag. It is also home to various historical structures, such as the Galeri Kuala Lumpur, Old KL Train Station, Sultan Abdul Samad Building, and the Royal Selangor Club Complex.

Merdeka Square is also well-lit at night, making it the perfect destination for an evening walk.


Batu Caves

The Batu Caves are also part of the city’s Indian heritage, but it features more of the religious influence of Hinduism in the country. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Murugan and is the most famous in the country. Its shrines are dedicated to the three prime Hindu gods-Brahman, Shiva, and Vishnu.

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