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Walking tours in Japan


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The first few steps may determine the rest of one’s walk, as the saying goes. Exploring a new city by foot is the best way to feel the pulse of a country. Among Asian countries, Japan is usually at the top of a list of countries built for long walks. Coincidentally, the Japanese have an indomitable passion for walking, leading to a booming market on guided walking tours in their country. These tours not only promote total well-being by exercising, they also aim to make visitors appreciate nature as art. Walking tours have certainly been refined to a fine art form to cater to different interests. 

Join in the walk wagon by trying any of these three walking routes. Take note of the tips to optimise your time better during your vacation in Japan. Read on.


  1. Nakahechi Route

    If you are more into brisk walks for more “stop-and-let-me-stare-at-the-world” moments, choose the Nakahechi Route, part of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage. The walk is a tradition which began way back Japan’s 10th century. During the tour, you can opt for short walks or treks leading to many recommended inn accommodations and hot springs of Yunomine Onsen. This popular walk route tends to be suitable for anyone who has a moderate level of fitness and stamina for two-three hours of walking.  You can also opt to go on a self-guided tour in Kumano Kodo if you’re up for some fun and thrill.

  2. Basho Tour

    The Basho Tour is a 10-day, 9-night tour (depending on the activity and technical level of the route you choose) which begins in Tokyo and ends in Kyoto. Perfect for tourists who look forward to walking for about three to four hours per day, you can expect picture perfect sceneries and some steep climbs. Some of the routes pass through forest and mountain trails, bringing to life dramatic sceneries reminiscing of a story-telling journey about the rise and fall of Japan’s northern regions. 

    If you are travelling in a small group, look out for tour operators who guarantee to start the tour without a minimum number of participants. If you have a big group, check out whether discounts are available. The Basho Tour is a great opportunity for couples or families to spend quality time with each other. Unlike Nakahechi, Basho is a full-guided tour.

  3. Nakasendo Way

    One of the most splendid things about the Nakasendo route is the sudden shift of environment. The tour begins in Kyoto, known for its ancient culture and preserved mountain paths and it slowly moves to the modern world of Tokyo. For visitors, this experience gives them the benefit of being immersed with different people, food and way of life. No trekking here, though; just gentle inclines. The walk averages 10-26 kilometres per day. Mainly focusing on the ancient and traditional towns it passes through, step into the past as you catch a glimpse of old Japan. 


Additional tips:

  1. Walking, although less straining than running, still requires proper gear. You will be grateful to your pair of walking boots, seasoned prior to the trip.
  2. List down entry fees to all the places you plan to visit, transportation needs and maybe, even your whole itinerary details. 
  3. Throw in an expert bilingual guide to the group you’ll be walking with. You don’t want to struggle looking for a translator in the middle of these tour sites. 
  4. Eating while walking is definitely a no-no during the tour.


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