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Underwater adventure in Cairns


Planning a holiday adventure in Cairns? Spice things up and experience an underwater adventure with your friends and family! The world renowned Great Barrier Reef makes Cairns an ideal location for a memorable underwater adventure.

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Now, let’s plan your itinerary with the exciting suggestions of underwater activities below.


  1. Helmet diving

    Take a dip without getting your hair wet by trying helmet diving or a scuba-door ride in Cairns. During the helmet diving adventure, you will walk on an underwater platform while fresh air is pumped into the helmet dome from the surface. You and your travel companions can walk right on the seafloor for a chance to interact with a vast array of marine life. This also gives you great opportunities to take better photos as you will be able to stand still. Non-swimmers will enjoy this activity as no swimming skills are required.

  2. Scuba-Doo Ride

    Scuba-Doo Ride is a unique underwater scooter adventure. You will be using a scuba bike contraption that works similarly to the helmet in helmet diving. You need not worry about wearing a mask or mouthpiece since air will be pumped into the scuba bike contraption. All you need to do is sit down, slip your head into the dome, and enjoy the ride. No experience is required and even non-swimmers will find this activity safe and comfortable.

  3. Semi-submersible or glass-bottom boat

    A semi-submersible or glass-bottom boat tour is ideal for families or non-swimmers as the submarine travels around the corals to give you a perspective similar to that of a scuba diver. This ensures you are comfortable and dry! Best of all, you wouldn’t have to worry as much about the safety of your kids.

  4. Scuba diving

    The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most pursued destinations by certified and beginner scuba divers. Make this dream happen by experiencing the ultimate adventure of your life in Cairns. You just need to be generally fit and honest about your medical condition to avoid any problems. Kids 12 years old and above are also welcome to try this activity.

    For certified divers, you can avoid the crowds by asking your dive instructors to take you further away from the pontoons. The spectacular marine lives at the Great Barrier Reef await you.

  5. Snorkelling

    If you are a non-swimmer or you are not comfortable with deeper underwater adventures, snorkelling could be the highlight of your visit in Cairns. There are companies that offer full instructional guidance to help you acclimate in the water. Non-swimmers can wear life vests so they too can enjoy the many underwater wonders.


It can get really hot in Cairns so here are two useful tips. First, use ample sunscreen to avoid sunburn. For those who choose to snorkel, do not forget to apply sunscreen on your neck and back as prolonged sun exposure can do much damage. Second, drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

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