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Travelling solo? Stay safe with these tips

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People travel alone for different reasons. Some likes to take full control of their itineraries, some like to enjoy ‘me’ time, others do it simply because their schedules do not match with their friends’ or loved ones’. Regardless, travelling alone is an experience of its own. However, travelling solo has its fair share of dangers. Ample research and preparation help you build your confidence as you take on the new escapade. Here are some tips for men and women who are planning their alone trips. 


Choose your first destination carefully

Travelling solo is not a taboo. Men and women do this, be it for work or leisure. By now, it has become so common that guest houses and hotels have special packages for solo backpackers. All you need to do is choose a destination that is solo backpacker friendly. Plus, going to a place that has more convenience for solo backpackers will also help you save a lot in terms of accommodation and tours.


Be street smart

Be self-reliant for the most obvious reasons. Have important emergency telephone numbers readily available and download useful travel apps prior to departing. Do not have your cash in just one place. If anything goes wrong, such as a stolen wallet or a missed flight, you should be able to quickly resolve the problem and get your backup. Take advantage of these challenging situations to become more vigilant, resourceful and confident.


Leave your contact information to someone you trust back home

Even if you have chosen the safest place on earth to jump start your backpacking trip, it is best to make sure that your family knows where you're heading and how to get in touch with you. Providing them information such as flight details or hotel names is the very basic safety precaution. This will also give your loved ones peace of mind should they wish to contact you to check how you're doing. 


Start a conversation

Travelling solo gives you plenty of opportunities to meet and socialize with locals, and other travelers. Don’t be scared to start a conversation and ask open ended questions. Be willing to share a story or two about yourself. You’ll be surprised how such efforts will gain you new friends in just a few minutes. 


Take it easy on yourself

Don't get too ambitious at the beginning of your trip. It is understandable if you make mistakes. You can book your first night at a hotel near the airport if this will make you feel more comfortable. In case you encounter many struggles that make you think solo travelling is not working for you, pause and do something that will make you feel better. Watch a movie or visit a popular restaurant in the area. These activities will lift your mood and the next thing you know, you will be ready to take on more adventures. 


Select the travel insurance that meets your needs

Apart from all these helpful tips, one thing that you cannot forget as you brave your first solo backpacking escapade is to compare travel insurance services. One of the most reliable companies to trust is Chubb Travel Insurance. Our website makes it easier for you to compare travel insurance coverages and select the plan that best suits your needs. 


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