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Top 5 sunrise spots you must not miss in Asia

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Caught in the fast but mundane hustle and bustle of the city? Time flies by so fast that we all forget to stop and smell the flowers, or in this case—watch the sunrise! Get a great sense of tranquility by booking a trip to the most widely-known sunrise spots on the planet. If you’re in Asia, the best thing to do is to find a spot for your very own dramatic sunrise experience. Invite your friends to a vacation and share the simple pleasures in life.


The Clincher

One of the most important things to consider, yet people often neglect, is the safety of their trip. Below are five places that you can travel to in Asia for a wonderful sunrise experience, and some tips on how you can travel safely and smartly for a more memorable trip. To unload your trip’s safety burdens off your shoulders, travel with Chubb Travel Insurance and receive adequate travel insurance coverage.


Mount Batur, Bali

Trekking is so much sweeter when you can catch a glimpse of the dramatic morning sky transform into different hues right before your eyes. What better mountain to trek than Indonesia’s very own Mount Batur rising 1,717 above sea level. This is perfect for outgoing travellers who make Instagram a daily habit. In trekking, going by groups is more preferred by travel operators in the light of the known risks that comes with hiking. There are parts of the climb that you would need to be ready for as the mountain becomes steeper. For budgeting purpose, the price for the whole trip will cost around US$61 for a group of three. Aside from the cost of the trip, it is important to buy safety items for the trip such as heavy clothes and mittens and reliable trekking shoes as it may become slippery when descending the mountain.


Inle Lake, Myanmar

Internet reviews have been raving about this lake in Burma, now called Myanmar. The Inle Lake has charmed thousands of tourists with its amazing scenery and friendly local guides. It is such a delight riding a boat through the lake and watching the sun rise from behind the mountains. Holding back chills while watching this view is nearly impossible. Photographers marvel at the sight of the sun, fishermen and stilt houses which are naturally camera ready. The boat ride costs around US$15 per person. As a pre-requisite though, it’s advisable to secure your VISA to enter the country weeks ahead to avoid surprise trip-spoilers (just when you’ve packed all your bags already!).


Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Asia spells capital 'A' for authentic and Cambodia proves it true. When the clock strikes around 6:23 a.m., the magnificent Cambodia sky will reflect the splendid beauty of its country immediately. It will make you regret saying goodbye when your holiday is over. Angkor Wat provides tourists with a view that no other place can give, a view with amazing silhouettes playing with a yellow and orange colour palette. Amidst the country’s architecture, nature is most appreciated by locals even after seeing the sunrise for hundreds of times. As the trip predominantly involves nature in all its glory, there is a need to be protected against mosquito bites, too much sun exposure and dehydration. The right clothes will also protect you from other avoidable mishaps such as improper attire for religious site visits. It is considered disrespectful in Cambodian culture. If you are attired improperly, be prepared to pay an exorbitant price for a sarong or shawl from the street vendors found outside the sites. Proper behaviour is also expected at such sites as they are places of worship. Monkeys are also keen on being fed and can be aggressive when they see you with bags of food. Keep your kids close to you and do not hand out food to them in the presence of the monkeys. Ticket prices range from US$20 to US$60, depending on the number of days you plan on touring the place. No joke on the tickets though, Angkor Wat staff strictly implement the rule that you have to carry the tickets at all time.


Mount Fuji, Japan

Ladies and gentlemen, the royal and stunning Mount Fuji. This famous mountain is unequivocally one of the most in-demand travel destinations in Japan as it prides itself in being the country’s highest peak standing at 12,389 ft. above sea level. Try the overnight climb to reach the summit in time to catch the sunrise. The breath-taking view of the landscape below will make you feel that all is worth the effort. Some groups of people complete the climb in this way while others prefer the two-day climb. The climb is tricky though, so it is better to get a guide up with you on the mountain. Things to bring include plenty of food and drinks, aside from fully gearing up for the cold rush of wind waiting to embrace you at the top. There are times when the weather becomes very unpredictable, so the mountain path can be wet, thus slippery. The best thing to do is to wear heavy clothes and sturdy shoes.


Taj Mahal, India

The mausoleum, which took 16 years to build, is an easy addition to the list of Asian countries that showcase the exquisiteness of dawn. The way the sun’s rays fall against the white marble surface of its framework is an absolute stunner. Expecting sunrise in this iconic structure is not so much of a secret anymore, so dealing with a huge crowd is already on the cards and taking the selfie shots is not really that easy. The entrance fee is around US$0.30 for locals and US$12.00 for foreigners.

Additional tip: Make sure to look for someone who can speak English so you can be guided during your whole tour.

Don’t miss the sunrise! Hurry and get your own travel insurance coverage now before you book your flight to any of the places above. Travel safely with Chubb Travel Insurance and have an enjoyable trip.


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