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Shop smartly in Korea

korea city view

Many tourists visit South Korea for its unique culture and vibrant tradition. Others are there to shop for clothes, accessories, high-fashion designer shoes, skin care products and cosmetics. Here are three helpful tips to get the best deals out of your budget.


  1. Make use of travel-friendly apps

    Use your smart phone to look for stores that sell affordable and unique Korean products. Naver Map – a Korean version of Google Maps, is designed to help you find detailed and accurate locations. This app has street view features to assist you as you visit popular shopping centers in South Korea such as Itaewon or Myeongdong. Visit Korea is an app specifically made by Korea Tourism Organisation to help users locate other tourist attractions in the country. 

  2. Shop for fashionable clothes in Dongdaemun market

    Dongdaemun market is found in Jongno-gu, Seoul, and is one of the largest commercial districts comprising shopping centers and traditional markets. It is Korea’s biggest retail and wholesale shopping area that features 30,000 specialty shops, 26 shopping malls and 50,000 manufacturers. The market has all types of goods including fabric and silk, shoes, clothes, sporting goods, leather goods, toys, pet products and office supplies. These shops open at 9.00pm until dawn so you will definitely have enough time to buy as many items as you like. To reach Dongdaemun, take Seoul Subway Line 2 to Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station. Walk out of exit 14, and there you’ll see enormous fashion malls where you can start your shopping escapade.

  3. Shop in shipping containers

    Did you know that South Korea has a pop-up store built with shipping containers? Yes, you’ve read it right! This unique shopping center called Common Ground was opened to the public in April 2015 in the Gwangjin District. Common Ground comprises 200 large containers where you can find trendy shops by new designers. Aside from shopping, this place also has a weekend market, holds exhibitions and performances, as well as restaurants. To visit Common Ground, you may take the Seoul Subway Line 2 and get off at Konkuk University Station. From there, Common Ground is only a short stroll away.

    There are no significant security issues in South Korea. However, crimes such as pick pocketing and snatching still occur. To avoid being a victim, secure your personal belongings, especially when travelling at the bustling marketplaces of Seoul. Most Korean hotels offer lockers to store valuables so you can explore the town at ease.

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