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Picking the right mobile phone insurance

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Factors to consider

Having the right mobile protection plan can help minimises disruption to your daily life.

You are in the lift, all ready to head out for work. You fish for your mobile phone in your bag and realise that you have left it at home. The frustration of having to turn back for the phone probably resonates with many of us.

Indeed, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. Statistics revealed that four out of five consumers in Singapore cannot live without their mobile phones1.

With this reliance, damaging or losing your phone can be a nightmare, particularly when more than half of the people in Singapore have fallen victim to phone loss or theft2. This makes protecting your phone all the more important, as replacing lost, stolen or damaged phones can be a costly affair.

Picking the right mobile phone insurance is critical in providing peace of mind. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing coverage that best suits your needs:

Geographical coverage
If you are a frequent traveller, it is important to choose a plan that provides global coverage, as the last thing you need is to fret over the loss or damage of your phone in a foreign land.

The age of your phone
If you are a faithful owner who usually stick to your phone for as long as it lasts, it is never too late to take up coverage as there are plans that protect both new or used phones up to 36 months old.

In-box accessories protection
Chargers, headphones and other useful accessories enhance the overall phone usage experience, and they deserve the same level of protection. A plan that adequately protects these accessories preserves the experience.

Protection against key risks
When you lose a phone, it is not just about the physical gadget. With the amount of personal data and applications on our mobile phones today, the risk of unauthorised transactions, usage of airtime and data, as well as the loss of important information should never be downplayed. It is therefore important to ensure that the plan adequately covers key risks, including e-wallet protection and cash-out robbery cover.

While you cannot prevent phone loss, theft or damage, with an effective protection plan, you can ensure minimal disruption to your daily activities and reconnect quickly with your family, friends and work, should such an unfortunate event occur.



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