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Packing tips for a beach holiday


Each of us looks forward to that summer break where we can finally get a taste of paradise. It can be exciting planning for your vacation – from booking the flight to choosing the perfect resort. Packing is the essential but time consuming part of your travel arrangement. We thought we could help you simplify this task with some of the following tips:


  1. Pack light

    It's tempting to have everything you need on your trip, but dragging around an oversized or overweight bag is not the way to free your mind and soul. Whether you are using a suitcase or a rucksack, be sure to travel light so you wouldn’t have to carry too much weight around especially if you are travelling to multiple destinations or might be doing part of your travel on foot.

  2. Don’t forget your beach bag

    Your suitcase is not your beach bag. Bring a bag that is light weight, waterproof, washable and spacious. You might want to choose a bright color to match the joyous mood. Another tip to keep in mind is to pack wet wipes that you can use to clean sand off your body and belongings. A change of clothes may be handy in case you decide to grab a quick snack at a nearby restaurant after basking in the sun. However, a sarong works as well. It serves as a skirt or a cover-up and doesn’t occupy too much space once it is rolled neatly.

  3. Bring a medicine kit

    You only have a few days to enjoy this getaway so don’t let an upset stomach or a headache ruin it. Always carry small amounts of medicine and pills as you or your kids might need it. This is especially important if you are travelling to a remote island where pharmacies or clinics are not within reach. Your kit should also include bandages, an insect repellent and a thermometer.

  4. Make sure you have sunscreen

    Always use sunscreen even if the sun is not scorching hot. Choose a good sunscreen with SPF 50+ and above. Don’t forget to reapply throughout the day for better protection. Young children are more prone to sunburn and may need special type of sunscreen. 

  5. Wear comfortable outfit

    Wear loose and comfortable clothing whenever you are on a beach vacation. You may also want to pack outfits and shoes that can be worn in multiple combinations to avoid clogging your luggage.

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