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Natural wonders in Queensland


There are days that make you run towards Dream World to take your seat in the thrilling roller coaster ride, eat some cotton-candy and win countless cute prizes off a pop-a-can game stall. However, for the days that you wish to simply relax and take it slow, Queensland’s natural wonders truly live up to its reputation! 

Queensland, Australia, has a whole variety of beautiful places to explore and activities to try out. At your own pace, marvel at the colourful corals deep beneath the ocean, embrace the flora and fauna of a forest and waddle in a waterfall. 

Here are some of the places that tourists can enjoy in this Sunshine state, with activities to match and complement an awesome experience. 

  1. The Great Barrier Reef

    This popular tourist attraction is the new definition of paradise, maybe for the people behind the Seven Natural Wonders of the World list at least. It is no doubt one of the must-visit places on earth as it is hailed as the largest reef system in the world. Comprising of 900 islands and innumerable individual reefs, some of them are prehistoric reefs that are dated for over half a million years old. Its water is so crystal clear you can see every movement of the fishes passing by your very eyes. Snorkelling and diving are common activities in this part of Australia with a high safety standard. As such, many tourists will not give the spectacular reef a miss. Cold feet? Remain dry above the water and enjoy the sunshine in a luxurious yacht, dingy or motor cruiser. There are also great choices of food to choose from. You’ll definitely find yourself stuffed at the end of the day. Tour price ranges from A$220 dollars for adults and A$116 for children.

    Getting into some water-based activities can place you in some risky situations. Beware of sea creatures that can sting such as the dangerous box jellyfish. Tide levels also vary so check them out before heading out to the water. Also, carefully listen to diving instructions to prevent mishaps when diving or snorkelling. Snorkelling with a life jacket is highly recommended for those with low water confidence level.

  2. The Daintree Rainforest

    Located far North of Queensland, this breath-taking sight will captivate your heart and be a sweet subject for camera shots. This coastal lowland forest lies beautifully among swamps and mangrove forests. Going through its woods, the smell of Eucalyptus infiltrates the air as native birds serenade your ears. Join a tour with an experienced guide to learn the flora and fauna. With a maximum of just 13 people for the tour, stop and look at the natural habitat without being crushed. Costing around A$120 per person, rest assured you won’t get lost in the forest, but you will be lost in the natural beauty the whole day. 

    For your safety, it is best to watch out for crocodiles inhabiting these areas. Don’t forget to wear proper attire. Light clothes will do. Pack sunglasses, a hat and some sunscreen lotion to prevent getting sunburnt in the middle of the day and mosquito repellent to ward off the bugs.

  3. The Whitsunday Islands

    Not far behind the Great Barrier Reef is a group of islands that will make your day in Queensland unforgettable. These eight islands have become a cradle for well-known resorts and day spas, while the others were converted to national parks for locals and tourists to explore. One pristine island which remains unpopulated to this date and boasts of powdery sands and exquisite turquoise waters is the WhiteHaven Beach. Indulge yourself with this warm welcome from Australia’s best starting from A$99 and above for accommodation. 

    While you are on the island, do adhere to safety precautions set out by the local staff, such as following the swimming schedules they set to avoid being stung by marine stingers. Having someone with you during yacht rides, and protecting your eyes and skin from the sun are also some of the best practices.

  4. Magnetic Island

    The name says it all. As more people are getting into the idea of discovering tropical havens, the Magnetic Island of Queensland can no longer keep itself a secret. There are so many enthralling things to look out for, like Australia’s largest colony of Koalas and other 166 different species of animals. A 25-kilometer walk brings you to lovely beaches and natural parks. Even perfect pastime ideas are available for you and your loved ones, such as jet skiing, fishing, horse riding and other water sports. Holidays will be very well-spent in the 5 star-resorts or affordable hostels conveniently found on the island. There is nothing more to ask for in this exotic sanctuary. 

    Similarly with Whitsunday Islands, take safety precautions against bites from marine stingers. 

  5. The Kuranda Scenic Railway

    The ride is almost two hours (34 km) of non-stop nature viewing on this railway. To make it even more perfect, the journey stops at the stunning Baron waterfall. You will feel like a part of Australian history as you ride in the old carriages reminiscent of the past, while munching on some local delicacies and wine. Start early in the morning and get ready to have fun passing through 15 tunnels, for just A$50 (adults) and A$25 (kids whose ages are between 4 and 14). 

    While looking forward to enjoying a panoramic view throughout the train ride, do bring along your usual travel must-haves: hat, sunscreen and a pair of sunshades to protect your eyes when sight-seeing. Wear comfortable clothes and make sure to pick a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Grab some insect repellent to stash inside your backpack and chewable tablets to ward off any motion sickness. Limit your baggage sizes so there won’t be much to carry with you and make sure to know early on where the lockers, restrooms and wheelchairs are, just in case. 

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