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How to prevent fires, inside and outside the home

putting out the candle

Whether you’re cooking for your family or burning scented candles for a relaxing evening at home, consider these tips to help prevent fires inside your home.


  1. Stay in the kitchen when you’re cooking on the stove.

    Whether you’re frying, boiling, grilling, broiling, or toasting, kitchen fires can start at a moment’s notice. You’ll want to be there to put it out before it becomes a problem. It is also smart to stay at home and check regularly on food that is roasting or baking inside the stove and use a timer to remind you when to take it out.

  2. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms regularly.

    You should have a smoke alarm in every bedroom outside each additional sleeping area and on every level of the home – preferably interconnected alarms that will all go off if one detects smoke.  Test them at least once a month.

  3. Keep burnable items at least 1 meter away from heating equipment.

    Items such as furniture, throw pillows, blankets, rugs, and tablecloths should be kept away from open fire sources (e.g. candles, oil burner, kitchen stove etc.). If you have an open fire, do remember to put them out or turn them off when you need to leave the area, even for a brief moment.

  4. Install fire sprinklers in your home.

    If a home fire occurs, the risk of dying decreases by about 80 percent when the home is equipped with a fire sprinkler system.

  5. Burn candles in sturdy, fire-proof containers.

    Make sure they can’t tip over and put out all candles before going to bed or leaving a room.

  6. Check your electrical cords.

    Keep electric cords out from under rugs and make sure they’re not frayed or damaged in any way. If they are, replace them immediately.


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