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Go wild in South Africa

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In a place well known for its abundant wildlife attractions and outdoor fun, what will be the best activities to engage in while on vacation in South Africa? Whether you are planning to go on a safari adventure or laze on the beach, these four tips will help you make the most of your vacation. Check them out:


  1. Go on a safari

    One thing that you should not miss when in South Africa is going on a safari. Visit the Kruger National Park, Africa's oldest wildlife park, and marvel at the sheer variety of its wildlife. If you are lucky, you will get to see the African “Big 5”, which includes the lion, rhino, leopard, elephant and Cape buffalo. Moreover, Kruger National Park has a range of quality accommodations, making it convenient for you to enjoy your stay in South Africa.

    Safety is of utmost importance on a safari as you do not want to end up as the lion’s dinner! Listen to all the safety instructions from your guide and enjoy. Oh, and don’t forget your sunblock!

  2. Go spelunking in The Cango Caves

    Visit one of the oldest tourist attractions in South Africa – The Cango Caves. You can opt to take the easy and calming walk through the huge chambers or challenge yourself and try an adventure tour. This tour will take you through different narrow passageways with small openings. Once you finish this tour, you will have the bragging rights that you have conquered one of the most challenging spelunking adventures in South Africa.

  3. Go diving with the great white sharks

    If you’re up for more extreme challenges, feel free to try cage diving with the great white sharks! For your and the sharks’ safety, you will be in a cage attached to the side of a boat while diving face to face with these creatures. During this exciting activity, you will watch the sharks jump after the baits that are used to attract them.

  4. Go ride an ostrich

    This may sound odd, but riding an ostrich is a must-do when in South Africa. In a guided tour by Congo Ostrich Farm, you will get a chance to touch, sit on, and ride these magnificent birds. For those with motion sickness, take a break at the wine house or the coffee shop!

  5. Take a river cruise

    Ride a river cruise and get a chance to see the crocodiles and the hippos from the safety of a platoon boat. For a more heart-pounding adventure, you are encouraged to try kayaking with the crocodiles! Nothing but fiber glass will separate you from these crocodiles, making the entire ride extra exciting. There are about 1,200 crocodiles and 900 hippos in the river. Every day, St. Lucia Kayak Safaris is frequented by many thrill seekers who cruise the river in search of crocodiles, hippos and even bull sharks.

  6. Visit Cape Town

    Cape Town is an amazing city filled with the great balance of culture and modern living. This place has everything you need, from markets to boutiques. Some of the adventures that you can do are paragliding off Lions Head or rappelling off Table Mountain. Another option you have is to rent a car and check out the Penguins in Simons Town.

    You may also visit the sought-after Cape of Good Hope. Here, you can visit the isolated Smitswinkelbaai. You will be amazed by the view of the lush valley and the calm water makes for great snorkeling.


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