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Five steps to ‘picture perfect’ photos

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No holiday is ever complete without the photos capturing the memories of your trip. It has become an imperative for any traveller to take pictures when on the road, since these serve as proofs of how the adventure went on a first hand basis. Taking pictures has also become way easier these days thanks to smartphones and photo editing apps, so take advantage of these whenever you’re on vacation.

But not all travel photos look ‘picture perfect’. Some are mediocre while others are artsy, while there are those which are really worth sharing on your Facebook and Instagram! Hence, if you are aiming to make the snapshots of your next adventure into a travelogue, then here are five steps to snap them right:


  1. Pick a theme

    To compose a great photograph, you need to have a solid concept. Think of the subject that you want to capture in a picture. Is it about the family time on the beach, the exhilaration of reaching the mountain peak, the sweet smile on your partner’s face or a lovely sunset? Photographs are not just mere illustrations but memories and evidence of times past. Even during photo-op (photo opportunity) sessions, a central theme is still needed to bring out the message the pictures want to say, no matter how informal the photography.

  2. Know your props

    Here’s the thing: the stunning travel photos you see on Instagram are not always candid. In fact, most of them were strategically positioned, from the angle of the camera to the way the background objects were placed. You should then learn to find objects that work well with each other, since these make the picture more alive. Using the right props enable your pictures to look special, particularly when you are at a pretty common destination.

    Knowing your props also helps you in making your photos look more picturesque. There are instances when less is more, so you can do away with noisy backgrounds and instead, focus on your subject using just a few adornments.

  3. Find a good location

    A good location works hand in hand with a central theme. It sets the mood of the shot and boosts the message of the overall picture. A young lady standing on the streets of New York during rush hour depicts the busy life of yuppies, while a landscape shot of a guy on top of a mountain means adventure.

    A good location doesn’t always have to be some place unique; indeed a lot of pictures have already been taken at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, but by finding a specific spot to take pictures of the landmark, you will be more capable of producing shots that represent your own perspective.

  4. Lighting

    Anyone can get away with a good picture as long as there is good lighting. Lighting creates the "drama" in the photograph. Natural light during the day gives a more relaxed and spontaneous feel on photos, while the rays of the sunset add romance to the picture. As you are travelling, bright studio lights are out unless you don’t mind the extra baggage. Learn to make do with natural lighting.

  5. Have an eye for detail

    This is the most essential tool of all. Yes, a great camera is an investment but having "the eye" takes skill and talent. Not everyone is born with the talent of taking pictures, but it is a skill that can be learned. There were plenty of experiments wherein notable photographers are given basic cameras and yet they still capture amazing photos.

    Hence, it is important to learn which angle works best and what elements work well. It's all up to you how you'd practice it. So yes, if you want to flourish, go outside, explore and capture awesome moments!


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