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Five fun things you can do in Hong Kong for free!


While Hong Kong is often seen as a destination where you have to spend a lot of cash on, there are actually plenty of fun things that you can do there without having to shell out a single cent. So yes, if you are thinking about travelling to Hong Kong on a shoestring budget, then check out the activities you may want to try below:


  1. Take infinite selfies at the Avenue of Stars

    You cannot say you have been to Hong Kong if you did not visit this place. The Avenue of Stars is the city’s version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where the names of Chinese film celebrities are embedded on a 400-meter stretch of a pathway.

    Who says that you can only enjoy the Avenue of Stars during the day? It is also recommended that you hang out at the Avenue till dusk so that you can watch the spectacular Symphony of Lights show, which is noted for being the “World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show”, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

    The Symphony of Lights starts at 8pm every night, where 40 buildings across the city glow and glimmer with coloured lights and laser beams accompanied by synchronised music.

  2. Go museum hopping

    There are several museums in Hong Kong, and three of them are usually free during Wednesdays. So if you happen to be in the city on a Wednesday, you should definitely not miss out on the free entrance to these museums.

    The Hong Kong Heritage Museum features a time tunnel that showcases the development of the city from being a fishing village to the urban paradise it is today. Meanwhile, the Hong Kong Science Museum has over 500 exhibits which adults and kids will have fun with. Lastly, the Hong Kong Museum of Art has a collection of local and international masterpieces, which is truly a must-see for art buffs.

  3. Chill in a city park

    If New York has Central Park, Hong Kong on the other hand has a number of urban parks wherein you can relax and be one with nature. The Flagstaff House and Tea Museum for example, is a bird aviary and plant conservatory, while the Botanical Gardens serve as a home to various flora and fauna from different parts of Asia.

    The Yuen Po Street Bird Garden meanwhile is not an aviary, but a hangout for bird owners with their caged birds. You can socialise with them and take pictures of their pets as well.

  4. Visit a Buddhist temple

    Buddhism is widely practised in Hong Kong, and visiting a Buddhist temple doesn’t cost you a cent. The Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery serve as the home of the tallest Buddha statue in the world, while the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery showcases over 12,800 Buddha statues and monks. The architecture of these temples showcases the fine craftsmanship of the builders who put every tile in the right place painstakingly.

  5. Hike

    If you are up for an urban hike, then the 11-kilometer Dragon’s Back trail should be part of your Hong Kong itinerary. In this trail, you will get to see the deserted beaches of Sai Kung, Hakka villages and some mountains. Who would have thought Hong Kong offers a scenic trail? A safety tip – remember to wear comfortable sports shoes for a good hike.


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