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Experience an amazing couple getaway in the tropical French paradise of New Caledonia

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If you and your significant other are looking for your next travel destination to set your hearts aflutter, get set to fall in love with New Caledonia.

Located to the east of Australia, New Caledonia is just a 9-hour flight from Singapore and offers an enticing escape to paradise with its pristine turquoise lagoons, vibrant coral reefs, and a unique blend of Melanesian culture.


Bonjour beach, bonsoir bordeaux

To kickstart your tropical island holiday for two, head to the main city of Nouméa and take your pick of beautiful beaches. You and your partner can bask in the sun, stroll on the soft sand or take a dip in the lovely waters.

As day turns to dusk, take a stroll to Lemon Bay and be spoiled for choice when selecting a dinner venue. Here’s where you’ll find a bevy of bars and restaurants, with everything from Asian to Fusion to French to Mediterranean fare, all of which would go perfectly with a nice bottle of French wine. Reconnect with your partner and partake in your favourite drink amidst the picturesque seaside setting. If you’re up for after-dinner programme, head over to the nightspots nearby and party the rest of the night away.


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Island living amidst unspoiled magnificence

The surrounding islands of New Caledonia are great locations for you and your partner to enjoy a picturesque romantic escape. Some, like the Isle of Pines, take some effort to get to, either via a 40-minute domestic flight or about 2.5 hours by ferry, and may call for a few nights’ stay.

Closer to Nouméa, you could choose to visit or stay at Îlot Maître, a half-hour ferry away. Or if day-tripping is your travel style, Signal and Amadee Islands are both lovely escapes you can reach within an hour by water taxi or a chartered vessel.

Signal Island is an uninhabited paradise that will wow you. Once the water taxi ‘maroons’ you there, the two of you are left to your own devices and supplies (there are no shops) until the water taxi returns. Pack some food for a lunch-date picnic, sunblock or tanning lotion, swimming and snorkelling gear, and plenty of fluids. The waters here are known to be crystal-clear and frequented by green turtles!

Amadée Island is another great island to enjoy great times together. For a fuss-free day, consider joining an all-inclusive day tour. Once you disembark on Amadée Island, plenty of marine life’s just a short 20-metre swim away. There, you can rent snorkelling or stand-up paddleboards to explore the waters, or even go scuba diving. Lunch is served buffet style, including drinks, beer and wine (perfect for a warm island day!), as well as traditional cultural and dance performances highlighting New Caledonian culture. Before you leave, don’t forget to snap some photos at its famed lighthouse – the view from the top is stunning.


Fill up on cheeses, pastries and fancy fare

To prep for a romantic picnic by the beach, stock up over at the local markets or supermarkets. Grab some cheeses, cold cuts, patés, fresh-baked baguettes and croissants, and sample some of the local greens and fresh produce. They’ll be a joy to dig into wherever you choose to picnic.


Holiday where the weather is always nicer

If idyllic escapes with a loved one rank high on your wanderlust list, New Caledonia is one place that’s bound to hit the spot. The place is beautiful, the people are friendly, and you’re bound to bring back plenty of great memories – along with a yearning to return.

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