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Autumn in China

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A trip to Asia is incomplete without visiting one of the world’s largest countries – China. This beautiful destination has a lot to offer, from its ancient culture to sumptuous cuisine. If you are considering a trip to China, read more to discover the best of what the culture, the cuisine and the travel destinations in China can offer.


When is the best time to visit China?

Some of the must-visit destinations in China are best seen during autumn or from the months of September to November. The country's weather is much clearer and the leaves start turning into vibrant hues. During autumn, the temperatures are milder, without having to worry about the extremities of summer or winter. Therefore, you can spend endless hours enjoying the outdoors and visiting a great number of tourist destinations.


Which cities should you visit?

For a first time visitor to China, two of the most popular choices will be Beijing and Xian. Beijing is well-liked by many travellers since it offers a good balance between history and modernity. As for Xian, tourists prefer this city as this is where you will truly experience Chinese culture and tradition. According to many tourists from all over the world, they prefer Xian as it looks more Chinese as compared to other metropolitan cities like Shanghai and Beijing.


What are the best tourist spots to see?

In Beijing:

You cannot visit the country’s capital and leave without seeing the Great Wall of China. It is a must-see place, especially during autumn as the colorful trees line up around its walls. In autumn, the Great Wall of China is blanketed with colours of red and yellow, making the scenery more picturesque and stunning.

Autumn is a good time for a walking tour of the hutongs where you can drop in to visit families living in traditional courtyard houses. Take a leisurely lunch with the residents before proceeding to the Summer Palace.

You can spend half a day exploring the Summer Palace and revere at the opulent lifestyle of the Qing Dynasty imperial family.

Another option you have is visiting the Forbidden City. In the evening, especially during autumn, the Forbidden City looks exceptionally brilliant. The place has coloured lights from different directions enhancing the views of the Gate of Divine Prowess, the Meridian Gate turret, and other main attractions.


In Xian:

When you visit this city, one tourist spot that you cannot miss is the Terracotta Army. At this tourist attraction, you will find terracotta sculptures that depict the armies of the first Emperor of China - Qin Shi Huang.

Another must-visit is the Xian City Wall, the most complete and well-preserved city wall in China. Learn the ancient military strategy of fortifying the walls to keep out enemies.

If you are into musical performances, then you cannot miss the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show. The show presents the elements of the rich and prosperous society during Tang dynasty. It gives the audience an insight into the peaceful lifestyle of the people of China during those years.

With these tips in mind, you can now visit Beijing and Xian without having to worry about your itinerary. Make the most of your vacation in these beautiful places by visiting these incredible tourist attractions.


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