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A holiday in Taiwan on rail

taiwan train

Did you know that you can travel around the entire country of Taiwan in a few days? With the country’s exceptional transportation system, you can get from one end of the island to another with ease. One of the most preferred transportation options there is the high-speed rail. Riding the train also gives you a chance to feast your eyes on the great scenery along the way. 

Train rides in Taiwan may seem slightly confusing at first but with a good amount of research, it can be really simple. You can purchase your ticket online by visiting Taiwan Railways Administration’s website by using your passport number as the ID. Once you have done that, you can go to the station, show your passport ID at the counter, and claim your ticket. Train schedules and destinations are posted at the stations, making it easier for you to plan your itinerary for the day. Since there are a lot of trains in the country, it is important to remember train number and schedule. Always keep your ticket with you as you will need it to get out of the arrival station. To get you started, here are some of the places you can visit via train:



Kick off your tour for the day by taking a train from the Taipei Main Station to Hualien. You will be riding the train for about four hours so be sure to reserve a seat unless you want to stand in between cars during the whole ride.  Seats are comfortable so you can relax while admiring the lovely views outdoors. Once in Hualien, be ready for some outdoor adventures since it is best known for hiking, surfing and river tracing. No two adventures are the same here. Group tours are available and cater to a wide array of visitors. Whether you are travelling with kids, grandparents or you are an adrenaline junky, you will find an adventure that meets your expectation. You can stay in Hualien for as long as you want and you’ll never run out of adventures to explore.



With Taiwan’s electrified route via Hualien, travellers can now reach Taitung in just about three hours. Cyclists find Taitung a great place for cycling at any time of the year. Tourists get around the area by cycling to see and learn more about the different natural and cultural sights in Taiwan. From sunrise to sunset, you will surely love the variety of cycling paths that lead you to witness impressive ocean and mountain views.



Next in our itinerary is Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung is a massive port city and is only a 3-hour train ride away from Taitung. This place is frequented by many tourists for its many iconic spots. One of them is The Love River – a romantic venue to watch the sunset and enjoy a quiet evening walk. There are endless parks and cafés along the riverbanks where you can rest or have a drink with friends.

Do not forget to savor a taste of the famous boxed meal that you can easily purchase from the Meal Stand at the station. Just a tip for non-meat eaters - bring along your own food as the boxed meals tend to feature meat items.


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