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7 must-visit attractions in San Francisco

city view of San Francisco

San Francisco boasts an endless number of activities that travellers and foodies will surely love. This city is packed with so many things to do that repeat visitors are the norm. Whether you favor an artisanal coffee shop, a cozy restaurant, or renowned museums, San Francisco will live up to your expectations. Check out the list of activities below:


Visit the world’s most photographed bridge

Biking or walking across the Golden Gate Bridge is a must-do. From 5.00 am to 6.30 pm, you can use the East sidewalk to soak in the magnificent views on this bridge. Once you have crossed the bridge, be sure to check out the Vista Point where you can see the stunning view of the city and the bridge.


Check out one of the largest Chinatowns in the world

Although San Francisco’s Chinatown is crowded and chaotic, many still consider visiting this place as a must. It presents an authentic Chinese vibe with an array of markets, stores, as well as traditional restaurants.


Savour an Italian dinner at the Fisherman's Wharf

Satisfy your craving for Italian cuisine at the Fisherman's Wharf. This place is sought-after for having some of the best Italian seafood restaurants in the city. Street food is of high quality with fresh crabs and clam chowder served in different sourdough bread bowls.


Ride the cable cars

When in San Francisco, try riding the world's last manually operated cable car system. Since 1873, this iconic transportation system has been moving locals and tourists from one location to another.


Tour the Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts was built for the Panama-Pacific Exposition. It is designed to exhibit works of art and was initially meant to last until the end of the Exposition. This picturesque place is popular as it is an ideal venue for weddings and other intimate celebrations.


Check out the Golden Gate Park

Every year, the Golden Gate Park welcomes more than 13 million visitors. Tourists and locals frequent this place due to its vast array of sand dunes. It also has a diverse and picturesque public space where locals can relax and reconnect with nature. You have the option to visit the park’s 1,017 acres of gardens, lakes, playgrounds, picnic groves, trails, as well as monuments. There are also cultural venues, events, and activities for added variety in tourist attractions.


Visit the Island of Alcatraz

One of the best things about visiting Alcatraz is that you can visit the place for as short or as long as you wish. You can also travel around the island at your own pace. There are also numerous free programs throughout the day that are offered by the park service staff. These programs tackle a variety of topics, which includes escapes, American Indian occupation, military history, natural history, and a whole lot more.Evening ferry rides or evening tours are also available! The ride circles the island complete with a very informative narration about Alcatraz’s history. Once you have arrived on the dock, you will receive a guided tour to help you get to the cell house level. You will even have chance to participate in different special tours and activities. Cell door demonstrations are also offered throughout the evening. Moreover, there are several areas of the island that are open during the day and are not open in the evening due for every visitor’s safety. Crime remains a concern in San Francisco so do know the areas to avoid while planning your itinerary. Avoid staying out late.

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