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6 Hot Tips for a Self-Drive Holiday in Perth

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You may want to grab a coffee or bite to eat before you hit the open road. This is especially important for those who have taken a red-eye flight and have to drive upon landing. Fortunately, there are many cafes in Perth to choose from. You will find great coffee shops and cafes on Hay Street, such as Driphouse and Bacetto. You can also grab a delicious croissant or sandwich at one of the street markets in the area. Great food options are unlimited here.


Whether or not you plan on enjoying some fun water and sand experiences, such as snorkelling, fishing, kayaking or turtle watching along your coastal road trip, it is always a good idea to make a travel check list before you head out. Making sure you have your luggage and the right travel essentials such as a spare tyre, a change of clothes, maps, sunscreen, satellite phone, Global Positioning System (GPS) for navigation and anything else you think is essential for the perfect self-drive holiday.


Perth is a good place to find car rental companies. In fact, there is a good mix of internationally known companies and local household names to choose from. Check out their websites to make reservations online, ahead of time.


Hit the road from Perth, all the way to Albany, and then make a quick stop to the Great Southern Distilling Company to check out their wine production before capping off the night. You can also take another route from Perth to Margaret River for a scenic three-hour ride. The most recommended way is taking Kwinana Freeway south from the Perth CBD to Highway 1, then to Bussell Highway 10 at Bunbury. Dolphins and chocolate making companies will greet you at the end of the road.


Before you head out on your trip, you may want to look at different travel insurance promotions. Going for a long road trip across Western Australia is a grand adventure but every adventure comes with its own set of possible travel mishaps along the way. From kangaroo crossings to lost luggage, travel sickness and a car-load of other things, travel insurance is sometimes the best way to ensure you have a hassle-free holiday.


Travelling in Perth is safe as the government provides multiple ways for travellers or locals to get help. If you feel threatened or unsafe, all you need to do is call their hotline or ask for help from Transperth staff. 


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