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5 questions to help you prevent water damage in your home

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There are several hurdles that prevent homeowners from implementing necessary actions to prevent water damage, including the investment of time and money. One of the most important barriers, however, is a lack of knowledge around which products and tools to purchase.


It’s time to learn more about water damage and maintenance

Learn more about water damage in your home—where it can happen, and how you can prevent it—with these five questions.

  1. Have you installed a water leak detection device in your home? 

    If you have, you’re a step ahead of most – and well on your way to maintaining a dry, comfortable home. Installing a water leak detection device not only can identify leaks early on, it can either notify you or shut off the water supply to prevent major damage.

  2. How much does a typical water leak repair cost?

    The cost for water leak repairs can easily be S$50,000 or even more.


  1. Have you ever had your appliances inspected?

    If you have, that’s great. The surest way to prevent a water leak is to keep your appliances in good order and inspect them periodically to make sure there are no issues.

  2. Which appliances are most likely to leak?

    Plumbing supply systems are the number one cause of non-weather-related losses. That means your kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room, and the pipes that connect them to the water supply, warrant a little extra attention.


  1. Are you planning to do renovations on your home?

    If you are, you’re not alone. This is an excellent time to install home protection devices, such as water shut-off systems, if you have not done so.


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