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Four common drivers for setting up an affinity insurance partnership

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A digital revolution is re-shaping the insurance industry landscape and re-inventing the way protection is offered and delivered. Using effective digital solutions that seamlessly fit into the customer’s lifestyle, insurance providers are able to be more strategic in the way they target customers, thereby increasing loyalty and business.

Consumer brands need to look beyond just singular products sold via a singular channel but instead, create multi-dimensional eco-systems that use collaborative selling approaches across both online and offline channels.

Creating digitally integrated affinity partnerships is the key to success in optimising consumer reach, driving sales, increasing revenue and strengthening customer loyalty. Consumers need to feel their exact needs at that precise moment in time are being met. This is most effectively achieved with collaborations that implement cleverly tailored digital marketing initiatives.

So, what are the four main ways that digital solutions can unlock new revenue streams through an affinity partnership?


  1. Increased ‘add to cart’ conversion rate –

    by providing complimentary insurance solutions to a partner’s core customer journey increases its perceived value and helps to convert sales.

    For example, eWallet partners sought to promote trust in their brand. By attaching relevant purchase protection insurance in real-time, it enhances trust between the brand and its customer.

    Another example of an effective partnership: The offering of real-time insurance solutions that have been dynamically rated when customers activate global roaming on their mobile devices whilst abroad. This can be a highly effective combined proposition that can see strong conversions as a result. It is a successful way to differentiate partner products and provide a value-added service beyond a simple discount strategy.

  2. Increased average order value –

    is enabled if insurance solutions are incorporated into the customer journey that provide relevant incentives and promote faster check out. For example, Chubb’s global partnership with global payment providers offers customers travel insurance benefits as a reward for using both partners payment solutions.

  3. Reduced cart abandonment rate –

    this is a problem across all markets in Asia Pacific with customers abandoning purchases in their carts before payment. This also extends to customer retention rates, which are currently very low. It is vital to work with partners to improve both these situations. For example, a major telco provider offers embedded home and contents insurance to customers renewing their broadband or pay-tv subscriptions. This is an uncomplicated solution that provides additional perceived value and benefits for the customer and reduces the abandonment rate.

  4. Additional ancillary revenue –

    using effective digital channels to build new subsidiary revenue business ventures within partner organisations also provides significant benefit. This could be in the form of a joint venture or a more basic distribution partnership model. At Chubb, we have built multi-million dollar ‘assurance partnerships’ across multiple products and the distribution channels that are effective for the partner.


Affinity partnerships using creative digital solutions are a strategic way to establish business relationships that create added value. We must all strive to be proactive in how we maximise returns and customer loyalty in the present but also the future, so we can continue to remain highly competitive especially in this ever changing digital market.


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