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Safety tips for the business traveller

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The travel and hospitality industry has been among the hardest hit economically by the COVID–19 pandemic. Now, with the rollout of highly effective vaccines and improved therapeutics, economies around the world are beginning to stir, and travel — both business and leisure — is picking up again. 

As businesses prepare for a return to a version of normality, this entails resuming business travels - taking people around the globe, into foreign cities with different time zones, languages and customs. While you prep for getting business done, it’s important to also prioritise travel safety precautions against a backdrop of increased worldwide political and social unrest, severe weather events, or healthcare crises:


  1. Thoroughly research your destination

    In addition to visa requirements, COVID-19-related entry requirements, local culture and the seasonal temperatures, travellers should also look into destination-specific perils. These can range from earmarking unsafe areas to avoid, to keeping abreast of possible local unrest and tracking potential major climate events.

  2. Have an emergency plan in place

    Keep numbers programmed on your phone for local police, your country’s embassy, your family, friends and your office. Give copies of your itinerary and travel documentation to your family and office staff and keep copies in several locations while you travel — including in your luggage and hotel safe — for easy access.

  3. Take the proper health precautions

    In addition to getting the required vaccinations for your destination, bring extra prescription medications. Carry a first aid kit for minor incidents.

  4. Map your local transportation

    Be aware of travel scams such as inflated cab fares and counterfeit “discounted” train or bus tickets. Pre-book your rides to and from the airport and use only accredited car, ride-share or rental services, where the price and accountability are clear. If you’re using public transportation, familiarise yourself with the routes.


  1. Take precautions against common theft

    Visitors can be easy targets for pickpockets and scammers. Seemingly harmless requests (to sign a petition or buy a friendship bracelet) can be excuses to distract you while an accomplice takes your wallet or belongings. Secure your passport and valuables away from easy access and keep only a small amount of currency in handy pockets. Be hypervigilant about strangers — even innocent-looking children or families — who approach you.

  2. Guard against cybercrime

    Make sure to connect your devices to the internet via a secure VPN. Avoid using free Wi-Fi networks in coffee shops or other public places; these are notoriously insecure and may offer cyber criminals a way to get your personal information or even hack into your company’s network.

  3. Understand your employer’s insurance against travel hazards

    Despite precautions, the unexpected can happen — from minor theft to a major medical emergency. While business travel insurance can’t prevent foreign mishaps, it can help mitigate the misfortunes.

    Your employer’s travel insurance is a partner in your business trip. If that insurance is with Chubb, you’ll be able to shorten your trip prep time and rest assured with access to useful online planning tools and global health and security intelligence, as well as Chubb Assistance – a 24/7 Emergency Assistance for quick response in the event of theft, accident or illness — wherever you’re travelling. And if you’re extending your foreign business trip for personal or family pleasure, your Chubb cover can respond in the same way.


    Learn about the business travel protection solution that Chubb offers. 

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