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Get ahead of Industry 4.0: Manufacturing risks and insurance


With Industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry is facing a digital revolution. Manufacturers are leveraging technologies and embracing digital transformation to stay competitive and fuel productivity gains. These, in turn, have brought on a set of risks and challenges that manufacturers must be aware of, and be protected against. 


Get ahead of Industry 4.0: Manufacturing risks and insurance.

In this webinar, Kevin Stevens, Chubb’s Head of Industry Practices in Asia Pacific, shared:


  • An overview of trends shaping the Singapore manufacturing industry
  • Types of emerging digital risks faced by manufacturers in this evolving landscape, including cyber-attacks, supply chain disruption and accountability, contractual liability exposures and product performance failures
  • Ways to address these risks through loss mitigation and risk transfer


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Top-of-mind challenges for Singapore's manufacturers

The multi-faceted risks faced by local manufacturing companies can play into their financials and impact daily operations. Learn more about this increasingly diverse set of internal and external risks, and what it means for manufacturers.

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