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8 tips to keeping fit on your business trips

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We know how business trips can be – packed schedules, back-to-back meetings and endless lunches and dinners. As time goes by, you’ll be gaining weight apart from gaining more sales! The solution – keep fit on your business trips with a realistic routine.

A good exercise routine is all about… routine. Your business trips have become part of your routine, so why not include exercise? How? You don’t have access to your usual gym; you might not know a safe running route; your meals are being prepared for you and your sleep patterns are affected by different time zones. Here are eight tips to help you keep fit while you are on the go:

  1. Choose a hotel with a gym

    A gym in business hotels is a ‘must-have’ these days. Some may even provide yoga attire or T-shirts and shorts for your exercise, saving you the hassle of packing them!

  2. Pack your running shoes

    No stamina for a run? How about taking a walk and stretching your legs? You’ll be surprised at how streets can look so different when you aren’t in a car or cab.

  3. Pack your swimming costume

    If you know your hotel has a decent pool, then a good swim is not just a weight control exercise, but also a good way to relax your mind and body after a long day.

  4. Turn your room into a gym

    If your schedule is packed till late evening, the only time you have to exercise may be at night. As the hotel gym may be closed, how about turning your room into a gym? Spread a towel on the floor for a good stretch. If you have a pilates band, use it to keep your muscles toned. And turn those mineral water bottles into weights to shape up your arms!

  5. Take some healthy snacks

    When you’re rushing from one meeting to another, it’s so easy to grab snacks from a convenience store or café, but that’s not always the healthiest choice. Pack some dried fruits and nuts in your bag.

  6. A little of everything is good for you

    Another approach is to eat smaller portions. For example, have two courses instead of three; ditch the dessert altogether; eat an appetiser instead of a main meal. Restaurant food tastes great, but the main ingredients that make it taste that way are fat and salt. If you were cooking the same meal at home, it would probably be healthier.


  1. Have red days and green days

    Mentally mark each day as red or green. On a green day enjoy the food on offer without feeling guilty. On a red day choose only the really healthy options on the menu.

  2. And finally: ditch the car/cab.

    Why use a car or cab when you are better off with a subway? Walking and climbing stairs build strong leg muscles. Of course, do check out the safety aspects before you set off.


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