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Power Mac Center is the leading Apple Reseller in the Philippines with over 25 years of experience in retail and servicing of Apple products. They are present in over 70 stores nationwide, and continuously expanding to serve emerging markets. To demonstrate its commitment in providing the complete Apple experience to the Filipino consumer, Power Mac Center is bringing Power Mac Center Protect Plus (underwritten by Chubb Philippines*) to the market.

Protect Plus covers newly purchased Apple devices from Accidental Damage for up to two (2) years. This is a valuable insurance protection as damages that are accidental in nature, such as water damage and cracked screen, are not covered in the standard manufacturer’s warranty.

Protect Plus also covers the Insured for Accidental Death and Accidental Medical Expense arising from Theft or Robbery.

*Power Mac Center and Insurance Company of North America, a Chubb Company (“Chubb Philippines”) entered into the Power Mac Center Protect Plus Group Insurance Policy (“Protect Plus Program”).

Coverage Highlights

Features & Benefits

  • Accidental Damage Benefit, such as but not limited to water damage and cracked screen
  • Accidental Death Benefit Arising from Theft or Robbery amounting to Php100,000.00
  • Accidental Medical Expense Benefit Arising from Theft or Robbery of up to Php5,000.00
  • Worldwide Coverage: Enjoy gadget protection here and abroad


Protect Plus for your Mobile & Portable Device

Mobile & Portable Device Category Premium Premium Participation Fee
1-year coverage 2-year coverage
iPhone 13 ₱ 8,690 ₱ 13,790 










20% of the device’s Standard Retail Price (SRP) 

iPhone 12 ₱ 6,590 ₱ 10,390 
iPhone 11 ₱ 4,490  ₱ 7,090 
iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max ₱ 4,190  ₱ 6,590 
iPhone 6s, 7, 8 ₱ 2,390  ₱ 3,790 
iPhone SE ₱ 3,890  ₱ 6,190 
iPod ₱ 2,390  ₱ 3,690 
Apple Watch Series 7 ₱ 3,790  ₱ 5,990 
Apple Watch SE, Series 4, 5, 6 ₱ 2,590  ₱ 4,090 
Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3 ₱ 1,890  ₱ 2,990 
iMac ₱ 11,790  ₱ 18,590 
Mac ₱ 6,090  ₱ 9,690 
Macbook ₱ 9,490  ₱ 14,990 
Apple TV ₱ 1,690  ₱ 2,590 
Pro Display XDR, Mac Studio, Apple Studio Display ₱ 15,990  ₱ 25,290 
iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini ₱ 4,390  ₱ 6,990 
iPad Pro ₱ 8,490  ₱ 13,490 
  1. Premium covers for (1) year or two (2) years, depending on the coverage that the customer will enroll to.
  2. Premium can be paid through cash, debit, straight credit card, or installment of up to 12 months for 1-year coverage and installment of up to 24 months for a 2-year coverage. Installment option is available through select banks.
  3. Participation Fee is the amount that the Insured pays in case of device replacement when he makes a claim.
  4. Price is accurate as of August 15, 2022.


Extended Enrollment Period

Customers who weren’t able to enroll their new Apple device to Protect Plus Program at point-of-sale, may still enroll within 14 calendar days.

Here’s how:

  1. Bring your recently purchased Apple device to any Power Mac Center store or The Loop store.
  2. Have your device validated by presenting its sales invoice containing the serial number and purchase date.
  3. A Mac Expert will validate and check the condition of your device based on these qualifications:
    • Device purchase date
    • Device must turn on
    • External case must be complete
    • Screen must be in good condition (no dead pixels, scratches, or cracks)
    • Front and back cameras must be working and without damage
  4. Customer must fill out the Protect Plus Application Form.

Fast and Easy Claim Process

Simply visit our Chubb Claims Service Portal, call the Protect Plus Hotline at (632) 7756 5411, Toll-free Number 1-800-8-7565411, or email to file a claim.


What are the benefits of Protect Plus?
The benefits are: (1) Accidental damage benefit (e.g. liquid damage, cracked screen), (2) Accidental death due to theft/robbery with Php100,000 benefit, and (3) Accidental medical expense due to theft/robbery of up to Php5,000 benefit for in/out patient.

How is Protect Plus different from Apple’s 1-year Warranty, AppleCare and AppleCare+?
Protect plus covers your device from accidental damage which is not part of Apple’s warranty. (Note: For any questions regarding your device, i.e. warranty, service, training, online store, events, products, please contact Power Mac Center’s Customer Care by clicking here.)

Why should I get Protect Plus?
Protect Plus covers your device from accidental damage which is not covered by Apple’s 1-year Warranty. Also, you get additional benefits for accidental death due to theft/robbery and accidental medical expense due to theft/robbery.

Does my insurance coverage include accessories and packaging/box?
No, Protect Plus coverage is for the actual device only, excluding all other components, attachments, accessories, software downloads and packaging/box.

When can a customer avail of Protect Plus?
At point of purchase of a new device from Power Mac Center or within 14 calendar days from purchase date.

How long will my device and myself be covered under Protect Plus?
Up to two (2) years depending on the enrolled coverage.

Can I extend my coverage after the one year period has lapsed?
No, but you may opt to enroll your device on the two (2) year cover at point of device purchase instead.

I accidentally dropped my device into the toilet. Is this covered by Protect Plus?
Yes, water damage is covered by Protect Plus.

I accidentally dropped my device and the screen cracked. Is this covered by Protect Plus?
Yes, cracked screen is covered by Protect Plus.

What should I do to file a claim?
You may visit our Chubb Claims Service Portal, call the Protect Plus Hotline at (632) 7756 5411, Toll-free Number 1800-8-7565411, or send an email to within 7 calendar days from the date of discovery of damage.

When do I pay the Participation Fee?
Upon receipt of a Settlement Letter stating that your claim has been approved.

Where do I pay the Participation Fee?
At your chosen Power Mac Center Authorized Service Provider, where you will have your device repaired.

Who pays for the Diagnostic Fee?
If the Protect Plus claim is approved, Chubb will pay for the Diagnostic Fee. If your claim is declined, you will have to pay the Diagnostic Fee.

Additional Information

Underwritten by Insurance Company of North America (a Chubb Company), a registered non-life insurance company with Certificate of Authority No. 2019/85-R issued by the Insurance Commission.

Where To Get This Product

Enroll your newly purchased Apple product on Protect Plus at any Power Mac Center store nationwide.