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Maurice Hilario, Vice President & Head Consumer Lines, Brokerage Business Development

“Chubb’s superior Claims service is a significant asset to our business, our business partners and customers, and is unique in the industry. In the fast changing digital world we continually seek to find new ways to improve our customer claims experience.”

Claire Tobias, Claims Liaison Assistant Manager, Operations & Systems

“We are always on our toes to keep up with this fast-paced life. Constant process enhancement is Chubb’s way towards excellence. Every day is another day to level up our client servicing experience. Nowhere to go but level up!“

Paul Anthony Perez, Head of Claims SSU

"In Chubb, we aim to give you fast and easy Claims experience. You can choose to lodge your claims online or send in your claim documents in our mailboxes where our trained examiners will eagerly review your documents and even fast track simple claims. We are glad to be at your service for your policy to respond to your need."

Flying cars. Crash landing.

“Chubb was there within hours, they ensured we had the right resources and we were able to open the next day.”

Report a Claim

Visit our commerical or private customer pages to Report a Claim. 

To find out more about specific product-line claims, visit our Claims Difference page.