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Our product covers the risks present in the erection and installation of electrical or mechanical plants and machinery. Crafted by highly skilled underwriters who can customize your solutions, it’s the perfect plan for mechanical and electrical contractors, and also ideal for developers, manufacturers, and anyone involved in large and complex installations.

Coverage Highlights

Areas of focus

  • Power plant construction
  • Oil and gas facilities
  • Steel, aluminum, cement industries
  • Bottling plants
  • Pharmaceuticals

What it covers

  • Erection and/or installation of electrical or mechanical plant and machinery anywhere in the world
  • Losses during the testing and commissioning period preceding hand-over, and damage during the contractual maintenance period
  • Movement and re-erection of machinery along with the testing, commissioning and maintenance of installed machinery
  • Breakdown and explosion during testing and commissioning
  • Overseas contracts, subject to some territorial and environmental peril limitations

The standard insurance covers:

  • Defective design under the LEG 2/96 wording
  • Damage to installed equipment during maintenance visits.

However, it can be extended to provide:

  • Wider defective design cover
  • Extended or ‘full’ or guarantee maintenance


  • Experience in underwriting various types of risks, from standard installation contracts to large scale power and energy plants
  • Strong track record as the leading insurance of large and complex project contracts
  • Capacity to cover contracts in many overseas territories
  • Highly experienced risk engineers who can assist in risk management and reduction, while ensuring that standards are maintained during erection and installation works

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