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Spotlight on business travel

Essential things to know about ISO 31030

Travel risk management

Since the pandemic there is an increased awareness of business travel risks and the need for adequate preparations, including insurance. Clear legal obligations of employers and the growing complexity of global risks mean the basics are no longer enough. But how do you best protect your greatest asset – your employees?

Spotlight on Business Travel
Spotlight on Business Travel

A huge step forward in business travel risk management has been the emergence of ISO 31030 which provides organisations with a benchmark for assessing, building, and implementing an effective travel risk management framework.

Our report sets out the changing business travel landscape and the resulting impact on duty of care. It also details how the ISO 31030 standard can help organisations meet these obligations and provides a summary checklist for organisations looking to benchmark their travel risk management plan.

Read more about:

  • The origin on ISO 31030
  • Perspectives from industry leaders on emerging risks in business travel
  • How to use the ISO 31030 standard
  • The role of insurance

Insurers, assistance providers and brokers all play a crucial role in supporting their clients to create a strong risk management framework.

The amount spending on international business travel is set to increase by the end of 2023
Xavier Florit
Xavier Florit

“There is now greater awareness among business travellers of the risks they may face when abroad. They want to plan ahead and employers must anticipate this demand for preparedness.”


Regional Head of Corporate Accident & Health, Continental Europe & Middle East, North Africa, Chubb

Eight Key takeaways
Eight Key takeaways


ISO 31030 provides companies with a benchmark to assess, build, implement and review an effective travel risk management framework.


ISO 31030 is elevating the importance of duty-of-care, the involvement of more organisational roles, testing and training of a company’s business travel processes, and employee’s awareness and engagement of a company’s travel risk management procedures.


Companies should involve multiple stakeholders, including HR, IT, and line mangers in the development of travel risk management plans, and all should understand the risks and impact on the company’s duty of care.


A more forensic approach should be applied by companies to capture and account for the risks posed by business travel in their risk management framework.


The risk management function has a crucial role to play in securing senior leadership buy-in and ownership of the travel risk management plan.


Post-travel debriefings, testing, and training are important for improving travel risk management plans.


A company culture, set by senior leadership, where travel-related risk is taken seriously should be promoted to ensure that employees are fully understanding and aware of procedures and what help is at hand for them when abroad.


Insurers have shifted from a reactive to proactive approach and can play a partnership role in formulating a policy that fits a company’s needs to support a comprehensive travel risk management plan. 

The report
The report

The essential things to know about ISO 31030 standard on managing business travel risk

Janene Blizzard
Janene Blizzard

“It is crucial that there is board level buy-in for a travel risk management plan and that the senior management can communicate the plan to the rest of the employees.”


Vice President Accident & Health, EMEA, Chubb


Janene Blizzard

Vice President Accident & Health, EMEA - Chubb

Xavier Florit

Regional Head of Corporate Accident & Health, Continental Europe & Middle East North Africa - Chubb

Leon Burton

Head of Accident & Health Corporate, UK, Ireland & South Africa - Chubb

James Wood

Regional Security Director, Northern Europe - International SOS

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