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Mark S. Armijo

Managing Attorney, Los Angeles, Newport Beach and San Diego

Mr. Armijo defends civil litigated cases and his areas of practice include premises liability, automobile and subrogation. He is also experienced in defending professional liability cases against travel agents and debt collectors.

Heidi Adams

Attorney, San Francisco

Ms. Adams is a Casualty Defense Attorney in the San Francisco office of Armijo, Morovati & Shields.  She currently defends all types of casualty defense matters, including personal injury, premises liability, automobile collisions, products liability and property damage cases.

Anne Cruz

Attorney, Los Angeles

Ms. Cruz is a member of the Casualty Practice Group.  She currently defends all types of casualty liability matters.

Christina Y. Morovati

Senior Attorney, Los Angeles

Ms. Morovati concentrates her practice in matters related to products liability, premises liability, property and casualty claims, Directors and Officers liability and representation of Homeowners Associations. She routinely defends companies of all sizes (including large national and multi-national corporations) as well as high net worth individuals.

Meena C. Nachiappan

Attorney, Los Angeles

Ms. Nachiappan currently defends all types of casualty liability cases including premises liability, products liability and automobile. Ms. Nachiappan also has experience in assisting commercial clients in employment law matters in responding to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) charges.

Mark D. Shields

Attorney, San Diego

Mr. Shields defends a wide variety of civil litigation, including products liability, premises liability, commercial and residential construction defect, subrogation, complex business litigation and trade secret and trademark infringement actions.

Matthew Stein

Attorney, Newport Beach

Mr. Stein concentrates his practice in cases related to premises liability, product liability, automobile collisions, construction litigation and construction defect cases.

Julian S. Wu

Attorney, Los Angeles

Mr. Wu is an Attorney in the Subrogation Practice Group.  His practice currently focuses on subrogation and recovery, product liability and construction defect litigation.

Steven H. Yuster

Attorney, Los Angeles

Mr. Yuster specializes in subrogation cases. He has extensive experience in civil litigation and his areas of practice include premises liability and automobile. Prior to joining Armijo, Morovati & Shields, Mr. Yuster was a trial attorney with an insurance defense firm and has extensive civil litigation experience.

David L. Barch

Attorney, San Francisco

David L. Barch is an attorney with the San Francisco house counsel firm of Armijo, Morovati & Shields. Prior to joining Chubb’s house counsel, Mr. Barch was a senior trial attorney for Nationwide Insurance and Liberty Mutual. He currently defends all types of casualty and civil litigation matters, including personal injury, motor vehicle and premises liability, property, subrogation, and general liability claims.

Russell T. Windisch

Attorney, Los Angeles

Russell “Todd” Windisch has joined the Casualty Practice Group of the House Counsel firm of Armijo, Morovati & Shields in the Los Angeles Office.  Prior to joining Chubb’s House Counsel, Mr. Windisch practiced premises liability, product liability, auto, construction law at a large National Firm.

Kathryn Bruce

Attorney, Newport Beach

Kathryn Bruce has joined the Casualty Practice Group of the House Counsel firm of Armijo, Morovati & Shields in the Irvine Office.  She has worked in Chubb’s House Counsel for the last five years in a couple of capacities, and her focus has been in the practice areas of premises liability, product liability, auto, and subrogation defense.