Chubb House Counsel

Quality Legal Representation

Chubb House Counsel consists of 18 law offices throughout the United States and Canada. House Counsel attorneys provide litigation, trial and appellate legal representation to Chubb insured clients in cases before federal, state, local courts and administrative agencies.

Since its inception over 60 years ago, Chubb's House Counsel has established an impressive record of providing quality legal representation to thousands of Financial Lines, Commercial and Personal insured clients. Our attorneys are committed to providing high quality legal representation and service to clients and to achieving the best possible case outcomes, while adhering to the highest ethical standards.

House Counsel attorneys are qualified professionals, skilled and experienced in defending the specialized cases encountered by Chubb insureds. House Counsel firms defend cases in numerous practice areas including:

Located in nine states, House Counsel offers a broad network of firms to serve the needs of Chubb insureds facing litigation in multiple jurisdictions. The individual House Counsel firms offer comprehensive understanding of the local legal landscape with a sophisticated knowledge of the courts, venues and agencies in which they practice.

To learn more about House Counsel, download our capabilities overview.