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Chubb LifeBalance is your personal 360° health and wellbeing virtual coach to encourage and reward you for leading a healthy lifestyle. Receive real-time feedback as you track your levels of activity, eating habits, sleeping patterns, and your mental and emotional wellbeing. See a direct impact on the health score and you’ll be rewarded for your progress.

Connect with friends, share your achievements and win challenges!

A 360° approach to your health and wellbeing
with Chubb LifeBalance.

Your Health Score on Chubb LifeBalance

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    Your lifestyle plays a major part in your overall wellbeing. You can track exercise, nutrition, stress, sleep and indicate your smoking and alcohol habits and see how that reflects on your health score in Chubb LifeBalance.

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    Your body values are what define your initial health score on Chubb LifeBalance. Your gender, age, height, weight, and other parameters are compared with global data and medical studies. 

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    Your emotions are crucial in determining your overall wellbeing and they influence your health score on Chubb LifeBalance. Self-assessment questionnaires about your quality of life captures your frame of mind.

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Chubb LifeBalance recognises over 115 activities, including walking, running, yoga, boxing, swimming, basketball, table tennis, etc.

You can track them manually or automatically by connecting with your tracking app or wearable fitness device.

The more data you enter, the more personalised your health score will be on Chubb LifeBalance.

The health score on Chubb LifeBalance is a scientifically calculated number from 1 (low) to 1,000 (high). It adjusts in real-time, depending on how your body, emotional wellbeing and lifestyle data changes.

Embrace a balanced lifestyle that you can own.

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Your health score on Chubb LifeBalance

Chubb LifeBalance is your holistic wellbeing virtual coach that helps you manage your own body, your emotional wellbeing and your lifestyle. See what impacts your health score!

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