As a multinational company protecting directors and officers is a complex problem. With Chubb’s flexible policy, you can tailor the coverage to your specific needs. 

Coverage Highlights


  • Coverholder status provides Chubb Bermuda underwriters with the unprecedented ability to handle all clients’ multinational coverage requirements from Bermuda.
  • We have the ability to manuscript policies to address clients’ unique needs and circumstances.
  • In jurisdictions where CODA Premier® is not licensed, a parallel Chubb 2488 Global D&O™ policy will enable your Chubb Bermuda underwriter to offer the same CODA Premier® coverage and pay covered claims in additional countries thanks to Lloyd’s comprehensive licence network. This also applies for manuscripted policies.
  • Where local policies are required in non-admitted jurisdictions, your Chubb Bermuda underwriter can coordinate local policies through Chubb’s global network.
  • Difference-in-Conditions (DIC) feature enables Chubb Bermuda to drop down and pay claims with broader terms
    and conditions in jurisdictions where non-licensed primary carriers are unable to respond.
  • Limits of up to US $25million available. Not all Side A policies are the same. With Chubb 2488 Global D&O™ you can rest assured knowing that your directors and officers in Lloyd’s admitted jurisdictions will receive terms
    and conditions consistent with your CODA Premier® policy.Coverholder status provides Chubb with the ability to handle all clients’ multinational D&O coverage requirements directly from the U.S.
  • In jurisdictions where Chubb is not licensed, an Chubb 2488 Global D&O™ policy enables us to offer substantially similar coverage and pay covered claims in additional countries, thanks to Lloyd’s comprehensive license network.
  • Where local policies are required in non-admitted jurisdictions outside of Lloyds’ footprint, Chubb can coordinate local policy issuance through our global network.


  • As a Lloyd’s coverholder, Chubb Bermuda underwriters have binding authority to issue policies on behalf of Chubb’s 2488Lloyd’s syndicate. Adding this capability to our existing D&O offering enables us to provide enhanced compliance and protection for our clients’ management liability risks wherever the management team or board reside and mitigates the need to manage multiple multinational policies.
  • Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in addressing clients’ increasing need for compliant global insurance programmes.
  • Convenience of a Lloyd’s policy mitigates the need for multiple local policies thanks to Lloyd’s comprehensive licence network.
  • Ease of coverage placement and policy administration through a single point of contact with a Bermuda-based underwriter.
  • Increased contract certainty offering broader coverage and the ability to pay covered losses in Lloyd’s admitted jurisdictions worldwide.
  • Access to Chubb’s global infrastructure and capabilities offering convenient and efficient risk management.

Chubb in Bermuda is regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. It is not licensed in the U.S. as an admitted insured nor is it an eligible excess and surplus lines insurer. Chubb Bermuda’s insurance products are available through non US-based brokers only.

Enhanced Capabilities

Insurance capabilities that reach across the globe.