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Judy Gonsalves

Vice President, Chubb Group, Division President, Chubb Bermuda

Richard Porter

Senior Vice President, Head of Financial Lines

Michael J. Warwicker

Senior Vice President, Head of Excess Liability

Robert Rebellato

Senior Vice President, Head of Excess Property

Jevon Williams

General Counsel, Chubb Bermuda

Stephen Ryan

Chief Actuary, Chubb Group Bermuda Operations

Christine Russell

Head of Bermuda Claims and Claims Counsel

Samantha Froud

Chief Administration Officer, Bermuda Operations

Chris Wiseman

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Chubb Bermuda and Chubb Tempest Life Re

Nick Rowse

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Bermuda Operations

James E. Wixtead

Senior Vice President, Chubb Group, President, Chubb Tempest Re Group

Samuel Peters

Division President, Chubb Tempest Re Bermuda

Giuseppe Russo

Chief Risk Officer, Chubb Tempest Re Limited

Natalie Chiaramonte

Division President, Sovereign Risk Insurance Ltd.