Natalie Chiaramonte

Natalie Chiaramonte, Division President, Sovereign Risk Insurance Ltd. 

Natalie joined Sovereign as a Research Analyst in 2001 and quickly transitioned to underwriting with responsibility for a number of Sovereign’s key clients. Throughout her time at Sovereign, Natalie has gained experience underwriting both political and non-payment risks for a diverse group of Sovereign’s client base, including international commercial and investment banks, corporates, exporters, traders, multilaterals, export credit agencies and private equity investors. She was promoted to Senior Vice President in 2015 and began working with Sovereign’s President in all aspects of the company’s management, including strategic planning and forecasting, business development and marketing, client and broker relationships, claims, the formulation and implementation of underwriting strategies, as well as reinsurance procurement. In July 2022, Natalie was promoted to President of Sovereign upon the announcement by Sovereign’s founder and original President, Price Lowenstein, of his planned retirement in December 2022. 

Prior to joining Sovereign, Natalie worked at the Bank of Bermuda (now HSBC) in Bermuda, Luxembourg, and New York where she managed top client relationships for the Global Fund Services Division.

Ms. Chiaramonte holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Brown University in Rhode Island, USA and speaks French.