Crime Loss Prevention Program

The risk of fraud caused by social engineering tactics has never been greater, and without effective loss prevention, shows no sign of abating. To help middle market and large enterprise customers control the risk of social engineering fraud, Chubb has engaged PaymentWorks to provide access to the PaymentWorks Business Identity Platform at a reduced cost to Chubb crime insurance policyholders.

Outside Directors Liability Loss Prevention

Many companies frequently request their directors, officers, and employees to serve other organizations in various capacities (an “Outside Director”). Read more to find out how your company or you personally can protect yourself from the liabilities surrounding these kinds of positions.



Employment Practices Loss Prevention

This manual provides an overview of key employment issues and offers proactive ideas for avoiding employment lawsuits.

Director Liability Loss Prevention in Mergers and Acquisitions

This manual helps directors manuever through the issues surrounding a merger or acquisition transaction.


Directors and Officers Liability Loss Prevention

This manual will begin a process of education and guidance for the executives of your organization to help protect themselves and the organization against claims and litigation.

Directors and Officers Securities Litigation Loss Prevention

A fundamental goal of an effective securities litigation loss prevention program is to inform directors and officers that improper disclosures can result in severe personal and corporate consequences. Read more for a number of best practices to help reduce this liability exposure in an area where case law, statues and regulations, and new developments in cybersecurity and climate change are always evolving.

Health Care D&O Loss Prevention Consultant Services

Chubb’s D&O Loss Prevention Consultant Services Reimbursement program for Health Care organizations may provide reimbursement for education under a Chubb D&O liability insurance policy period. Educational topics may include directorship duties, finance, governance, mission and strategy, and new regulations that could impact your organization.

Cyber Loss Mitigation for Directors

This manual provides insight on how directors can prepare for a cyber incident before one occurs and respond to a cyber incident after one occurs.

Cyber Services

Are you prepared to respond to a cyber security threat? Take steps to help reduce your exposures and mitigate potential losses. Chubb’s expertise and specialized solutions can help you do just that.

Preventing Fraud

Regardless of size, all organizations are vulnerable to workplace fraud. Download Preventing Fraud: How Anonymous Hotlines Can Help for data on what kind of fraud is most common in specific industries and how Chubb can help you prevent it from happening in your organization.