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The ever-changing technology your organization relies on to conduct its business can also significantly increase its vulnerability to cyber security threats — any of which may result in significant out-of-pocket and reputational costs that can devastate your dental practice’s bottom line.
Even if your organization uses state-of-the-art data security controls, your assets may still be at risk.
That’s why Chubb and DBC created CyberSecurity for Dental Practices.

Why your practice needs cyber security insurance

  • Health care organizations are commonly targeted.
  • The culprit is often someone close to your organization.
  • The perpetrator could live halfway around the globe.
  • A data breach can result from a simple mistake.
  • Incidents of cyber fraud are steadily increasing.

Be prepared for these cyber risks

  • Identity theft resulting from lost or stolen personal health information (PHI), Social Security numbers or credit card, driver’s license or financial information.
  • Hacker theft of confidential information.
  • Lawsuits stemming from a security failure or alleged technology error or omission that result in damages to your patients.
  • Costs related to privacy notification, crisis management and disaster recovery.

Coverage highlights

  • Third-party liability coverage for:
    • Disclosure Liability, including lawsuits by patients alleging unauthorized access to or dissemination of their protected health information
    • Regulatory Fines and Penalties, such as those brought under HIPAA
    • Reputational Liability, including suits alleging disparagement of services, libel, slander, defamation and invasion of privacy
  • First-party cyber fraud expenses for:
    • Privacy notification expenses, including the cost of notifying affected patients and providing credit monitoring services even when state law doesn’t require notification
    • Crisis management expenses, including the cost of public relations consultants and cost of establishing call centers
  • Additional Coverage may be available by endorsement for:
    • Written records and files

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