8 Ways to Protect Your Classic Car Investment

Whether you own a souped-up Toyota Land Cruiser, restored Aston Martin, or a collection of classic muscle cars, a passion for unique and historic cars is something that never goes away – and often grows with the number of cars you own. Make sure you protect your classic cars from damage or additional wear and tear, so you can proudly show them off for years to come.


6 Steps to Prepare for an Earthquake

Even though we still can’t predict earthquakes or how strong they’ll be, you can take steps to prepare for one and mitigate the amount of damage it causes.

7 Tips for Safely Storing Your Treasured Vehicle

Whether you own an antique classic car, 1950s muscle car, supercar or antique truck, you likely have an emotional attachment to your special vehicle. It may even be worth a lot of money; top classics these days are demanding prices in millions of yen or above. That’s why it’s so important to protect your investment from theft or damage by storing it in a storage facility or protected garage.