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Solicitation Policy

Please be informed that the Company has established its solicitation policy for sales of its insurance products pursuant to the “Act on Sales of Financial Products” as outlined below.

For sales and other transactions of financial products, the Company will comply with the laws and regulations to ensure appropriateness of such transactions.

  • For sales and other transactions, we will comply with the Insurance Business Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Act on Provision of Financial Services, the Consumer Contract Act and other applicable laws and regulations.
  • To help customers gain proper understanding of the details of our products, we will exert our originality and ingenuity in explanation approaches to conduct proper sales/solicitation activities.
  • From the standpoint of preventing someone from illegally obtaining insurance benefit, we will make every effort, such as properly setting the insured amount, selling products in an appropriate manner.

The Company will make efforts to select/offer products which best suit the customers' intention and current situation, taking into account the customers' knowledge about the product, experience in and purpose of purchasing the product, and financial conditions in a comprehensive manner.

  • We will conduct product designing and explanation and sales and solicitation activities properly in line with the intention and current situation of the customers.
  • We will seek to ensure proper maintenance/management of the information received from the customers for execution of the contract.

The Company will endeavor to provide customers with an easy-to-understand explanation about insurance products depending on the sales/solicitation format to ensure proper understanding by customers.

  • We will make efforts to provide customers with information on the products in a proper manner by selecting time zones, places, and methods which will not cause any inconvenience to them.
  • When selling insurance products without actually meeting the customers (such as through mail-order), we will elaborate the approaches and always strive to win understanding of the customers.

The Company will seek to collect feedback and opinions from customers to improve the level of customer satisfaction.

  • With regard to insurance contracts, we will make consistent efforts to process insurance payments in a prompt and appropriate manner in the event any covered accidents should occur.
  • We will seek to collect feedback and opinions from customers and utilize them for subsequent sales activities.