ACE Insurance has changed its name to Chubb Insurance Japan

On October 1st, 2016, ACE Insurance changed its name to Chubb Insurance Japan. This follows ACE Limited’s acquisition of the Chubb Corporation on January 14, 2016, creating a global insurance leader operating in 54 countries under the renowned Chubb name.

The new company combines Chubb’s 130 years of underwriting insights and devotion to customer service with ACE’s three decades of technical underwriting excellence, broad risk appetite and global presence. Our goal is to provide the very best insurance coverage and service to individuals and families and businesses of all sizes – from small and medium-sized companies to the largest multinational corporations – all across the globe.

Our name and brand has changed, but this will not affect our customers’ existing policies and there is no need for policy holders to take any action.

For more details, please see the Q&A section below.

Q&A regarding the name change on October 1st, 2016

Q1. What actions are required by current policy holders?
No action is required resulting from the name change.

Q2. Will there be any change to current coverage or premiums? 
There will be no change to your existing ACE Insurance coverage or premiums.

Q3. Will insurance certificates from ACE still be valid after the name change? 
Yes, all ACE certificates will continue to be valid. Please keep it stored in a safe place.

Q4. For automatic bank withdrawals and credit card payments, which company name will appear on the payment statement?

≪Corporate name change for automatic bank withdrawals≫

For customers using a Japan Post Bank (Yuucho Bank) account

Until 2016/9/27  チャブ(エースホケン チャブホケン

From 2016/10/27~2016/12/27  チャブ(エースホケン 

After 2017/1/27  チャブホケン

For customers using a bank account other than Japan Post Bank

Until 2016/9/27 エースホケン 

From 2016/10/27~2016/12/27 チャブ(エース 

After 2017/1/27 チャブホケン

≪ Corporate name change for automatic credit card payments ≫
Credit card statements after October 1st will show the new name of the company as follows.
Example: Chubb(旧エース)損害保険株式会社
※The exact name show on credit card statements may differ slightly based on the credit card company.

Q5. Will there be any changes to contact numbers? 
No, there will be no changes to any phone numbers. Please use the existing contact information listed in your policy materials when necessary.